Health News (Week 49 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

In the UK it is Crohn’s and Colitis Week. Why have a special week for these conditions since people suffer from them 52 weeks per year? The Crohn’s and Colitis charities and organisations say they are ‘raising awareness and money for research’.

Many of the people working for these types of organisations do this for the best intentions and many themselves are sufferers from these conditions. The fact is that most organisations that are raising money for research are really front organisations for the Pharma/Medical Cartels.

A cartel is a group of independent market participants who collude with each other in order to improve their profits and dominate the market. The Pharma/Medical Cartel colludes to create the story that a junk diet, lack of nutrients and probiotics are never the cause of disease. Their whole business model is to sell you drugs.

These drugs are created from research paid for by you, via charities, public universities, donations and tax breaks. They claim they paid for the research to justify charging high prices researching a cure for a condition.

They are really researching a drug that only gives you relief and that you have to take for the rest of your life. The bad news is these drugs eventually fail for Colitis and Crohn’s and then they start cutting parts of your intestines out.

Suffering in Silence

Crohn’s and Colitis are inflammatory conditions of the small and large intestines and the causes are very similar; junk diets and poor nutritional content (vitamins and minerals) of the foods we consume. Most people who suffer from them do so in silence. This silence is partly because these conditions are very distressing, can be painful, and also really embarrassing having to dash to use a toilet.

Not many people are happy to explain they are suffering from these intestinal conditions in the same way they may swap stories of Rheumatoid Arthritis or Liver Hepatitis as two examples. The causes of intestinal inflammation (Crohn’s and Colitis) and the sixty other inflammatory conditions detailed in my Autoimmune eBook are the same junk diets and poor nutritional content (vitamins, minerals, probiotics) of the foods.

Personal Disclosure

Many years ago, I suffered from these inflammatory intestinal conditions. I had listened to Robert Young speak at a conference in Salt Lake City in 1993 who described the causes of such inflammatory conditions. These causes included carbs, sugar and many other acidic diets.

Although I believed in it, it still took me many years of suffering before I cleared carbs and sugar out of my diet by stopping them completely. This was before I understood the real power and healing of the Keto diet and fasting.


There is no quicker way to recover from any serious health problem than to fast for 2 weeks if you are dedicated. A week is the next best and even fasting Friday to Monday will help. When you have had enough of feeling bad, two weeks is the most effective plan.

Tips for Fasting

  1. If you drink coffee then carry on drinking it but exclude cow’s milk and limit milk to coconut milks.
  2. If you have to consume something, limit intake to green smoothies.
  3. See ideas on my website.
  4. Do drink 6x500ml (16oz) glasses of water with a 1/3rd teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in each glass.

The Plan

You need to stay on a Keto plan for the rest of your life but do know that carbs and sugar are addictive. You may be like me and give into temptation simply because you feel so good.

Be assured that these conditions will return if you give into temptation and will come back with a vengeance if you ignore the symptoms.

Start on Keto recipes as soon as you finish your fast.

  • Sugar is the toxin that is the prime cause of disease and infections (it poisons our intestines and your immune system)
  • Sugar is starchy carbs, bread, pastry, cookies, potatoes, breakfast cereals, rice, parsnips and wheat pasta. Cut it out and replace with healthy alternatives that you will find at

To get healthy intestines and ensure your disease-free future, you need to change your family lifestyle to:

  • Eat up to ten or more vegetables and fruits per day (in smoothies, soups, salads, stir-fries, cooked or raw)
  • Eat plenty of fat per day in avocados, nuts, and if you eat fish and meats/chickens/eggs only consume organic. (Fat is a better source of energy than sugar and essential for your children’s brains)
  • Eat plenty of healthy nuts, seeds, beans and pulses
  • Drink pure water as the prime source of liquid intake with sodium bicarbonate
  • Make sure you take organic minerals or get 1-3 teaspoons of rock or sea salt every day in your diet
  • Walk 3-5 miles each day

The essential nutrients in order of importance:




Nascent Iodine

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Your intestines are critical for your good health and your healthy future. Doctors (surgeons) cut out parts or even all of them, when their drugs fail. This may leave you with a bag tied to your leg for the rest of your life. Getting healthy now is very important.