Health News (Week 49 – 2012)
By Robert Redfern

Firstly my apologies for my slow response to your emails last weekend. I really did not expect so many questions regarding Eye Health following my macular degeneration email. The slow response was made worse as I was driving to the UK from our home in Spain to spend the Christmas/Festive period with the rest of our family and was offline for 27 hours (being offline for 27hrs was more stressful than the drive).

Secondly many of the questions threw up (so to speak) the subject for this week’s newsletter. I already knew that most people with health problems and particularly Eye Health problems have existing digestive problems but your emails confirmed it in a big way.

To clarify, your digestive tract needs to be healthy for the rest of your body to be healthy. Even those who think they do not have a digestive problem, because they have no symptoms, may still likely to have the same problems…….. to a lesser degree.

Being more specific, all good health starts with really healthy foods and water in the mouth and ends up with really healthy cells and tissue. It is more apparent with macular degeneration as the eyes are very susceptible to poor nutrition. You can see it in the eyes of someone who has eaten a huge junk food meal the night before or even worse has high sugar drinks or alcohol with it. You do not need a degree in medicine to see that the eyes (and face) reflect the state of health. Chinese medicine has used this fact for a few thousand years to determine which organ in the body is in trouble. An example is those suffering from Kidney or Liver problems. You can clearly see it around their eyes.

OK, so we have the Festive season right here and I’m about to tell you not to eat all of the junk food? Not likely, that way I may lose too many friends. What I want to do is to give you some ideas how to survive it and come out the other end healthier. Not wishing to frighten you but the 14 days following 24th Dec is the period with the highest death rate compared to any other 14 day period in the year. I am convinced food and drink is equally to blame as well as stress.

My tips for surviving the Festive Season (and any time when celebrating):

    1. The simplest is to drink 500ml (16oz) of water with a 1/3rd teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda just before and 30mins after eating festive meals.
    2. The healthiest drink so that you always have a drink in your hand is Soda Water with ice and lemon. It’s fizzy, festive and it already has bicarbonate of soda in it.

If you drink alcohol then alternate each alcoholic drink with the above Soda Water.

  1. Equally as bad as alcohol for the liver and kidneys are starchy carbs, high sugar foods and high sugar drinks. Serve and eat as many foods as possible with the least carbs. Prepare carb free nibbles and canapés, all planned to be super tasty.
  2. Desserts and cakes can be easy to make super healthy by opting to use ground almond flour, coconut flour, cacao (coco) nuts and dried fruits. Google, “Paleo recipes”, on the web and see how easy it is to make delicious alternatives. Get practising now so you are prepared for the big meal.
  3. The challenge is that any cooked un-natural foods will cause some strain on your system and not just in the Festive Season. I often get asked for my suggestions on any supplements that can support digestive health, so here they are.

Remember, a healthier digestive tract = a healthier body…….

Essential Digestive Plus – For all the family

To be taken daily before any cooked/processed foods. It is a complete digestive complex with 9 essential enzymes combined with FrutaFit IQ Inulin. These enzymes help to break down all the different foods and help your body to absorb vital nutrients. The Inulin has a prebiotic effect and provides a source of dietary fibre. It stimulates the production of good bacteria in the colon and can even boost calcium absorption, resulting in improved bone health..

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Gastro Enzyme Therapy

This is an effective formulation for those with a pre-existing digestive condition to help it heal faster.

A multitude of digestive problems can be helped by Gastro Enzyme, it is especially needed if digestive enzymes cause discomfort because it doesn’t have the protease (to break down proteins). It can also help those who suffer from a stressed gallbladder and/or liver. Take this for 30 days before before you start taking Essential Digestive Plus if you have existing digestive problem.

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A powerful combination of the highest strength Aloe Vera extract and l-Glutamine to help repair both the more serious digestive tract problems and all the cells in the body.

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Prescript Biotics

This 3rd generation x29 multi-strain probiotic can be taken by all the family alongside any of the digestive products above

Probiotics are becoming more important as they help to overcome the lack of fresh raw foods in the diet and an increasing need to rebuild the digestive tract after taking pharmaceutical drugs. Prescript Biotics is powerful in promoting normal bowel function and for protection against digestive issues such as IBS, food poisoning, resolving sickness and diarrhoea. PS. it is the only probiotic with full scientific studies to prove it works.

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CurcuminX4000 – For even more support

I can’t resist including one of the most powerful supplements in the world! There are plenty of studies showing how Curcumin can help digestive health along with many other health problems. I take 3 per day just because I am determined to keep my great health. If you really want to be sure of protecting yourself this festive season think about Curcumin. There are studies to show how Curcumin can fight liver problems and cirrhosis, often caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

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Anything you take is going to help and you will end up healthier than the majority of the population if you look after your digestive system. Make sure it is ‘tip-top’ going into (and coming out of) the Christmas period!

If you have any questions about your digestive health, any of these products or just wanting to stay healthy over the festive season click Contact Me at the top.
Here your question will come directly to me and I will answer in the strictest of confidence.