Health News (Week 47 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Thanks to you, I am me. Without you, there would be no me having the opportunity to help many thousands get healthy and enjoy a healthy future. Yes, we (my wife Anne and me) could retire and spend the next 30-40 years seeking things to amuse us while we are waiting to die.

Yes, we would see more of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren compared to those such as my parents that died young, but we would simply be using the world’s resources needed by our descendants for our own pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for living a long healthy life but only as long as we can finance it and contribute to a successful future for our descendants and not be a burden on them.

Thanks To You

Thanks to your trust I can earn a living helping you and the hundreds of thousands who have accepted my help in the past 30 years. The truth is at aged 72, I need you as much as you (may) need me. Since we plan to stay alive and healthy for the next 30-40-50(?) years, we could not afford to retire and live the consumer life and travel. I have promised my wife Anne, I will retire in 30 years whether we can afford it or not.

Keep Healthy

The truth is we really do enjoy helping you to recover your health and enjoy this life. Just consider that if you are strong and healthy you can carry on earning a living at any age and those that carry on earning a living stay healthier than those who have no purpose.

Special Thanks

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