Health News (Week 47 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

It’s coming around to that time of year again – the festive season. If you’re in the northern hemisphere in particular, then you’ll know that between the changes in winter weather, increased social activities and last minute running around…for some people it’s also known as the “flu season”.

I was reminded to create this newsletter when a good friend ended up in hospital this week with pneumonia. I believe she leads a ‘relatively’ healthy lifestyle (though can’t be sure) yet still succumbed to an infection. What does this tell us?

It tells me that we can never lower our guard and must constantly be building a healthy body and immune system. This doesn’t mean you can’t be sociable and have a piece of cake to celebrate but we all need a menu of meals that we eat on a daily basis that only contains the building (or re-building) blocks for a super healthy body…at every age.

There are those who naturally have a strong immune system and there are those like me whose mother died at 61 and father at 64 who simply cannot take chances with my immune system.

The important question is: Do flu shots work?

The effectiveness of the flu Vacs. has been overestimated according to numerous reports — including a study from The University of Michigan which states that flu shots provide only moderate protection and, in many cases, no protection at all.

The fact is only those NOT following a really healthy lifestyle are more likely to develop flu compared to those living a healthy lifestyle. The exceptions are those with weak immune systems.

You may be wondering if a flu shot isn’t the way to protect yourself from sickness then what is?

The single best way to protect yourself is a healthy immune system – through a really healthy lifestyle and well researched nutrients that support a healthy immune system.

Some of you might be thinking, “That’s all well and good for those ‘naturally healthy people’ but my immune system is weak – I catch a cold at the sight of another person sniffling”.

If that’s you, or if you want to get your immune system into shape, then don’t despair…keep reading and I’m sure you’ll appreciate what I’m about to share with you.

A healthy immune system is probably the greatest health asset you can have but it’s also turning out to be one of the greatest health challenges in our modern society.

It’s a beneficial goal and certainly a worthwhile investment given that a healthy immune system will protect against viruses like the common cold or flu, both of which are a critical consideration for the upcoming season. But immunity is more about health than strength.

An often overlooked aspect is that our immune system needs support from many healthy body systems.

These healthy systems include:

    • Breathing
    • Digestive
    • Emotional
    • Hormonal
    • Cellular
    • Energetic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Cognitive health

Along with friendly bacteria.

In fact, researchers are constantly unravelling the intriguing and far-reaching powers of immune function.

It’s much more than simply protecting us from foreign invaders and germs…a healthy vital immune system is core to nearly every aspect of our long-term health, such as anti-ageing and vitality.

And in today’s world, we need to stay strong and healthy more than ever.

Unfortunately there are many factors working AGAINST your immune health: unhealthy diets, lifestyle habits, poor breathing, damp and spores, emotional stress, exhaustion, environmental factors, and the pharmaceutical drugs that supposedly promise to protect us from pathogenic (disease causing) germs.

For example, recent studies report the failure of antibiotics in the case of the most dangerous pathogenic germs.

Other reports demonstrate that mutating bacteria are evolving into deadly, drug-resistant forms.

Eggs, poultry and many factory-farmed meats are all contaminated with various bacteria and only pasture raised are normally safe to eat. GMO and grain fed are equally as bad.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to effectively support our healthy immune system that, in turn, support many other aspects of long-term body health and vice versa.

My Number 1 Recommendation For A Healthy Immune System

I decided a long time ago to create a research based supplement to support and balance the immune system – whether it’s against infection or balancing with allergies.

The result is D.I.P – Daily Immune Protection. While many other immune health products “boost” or “stimulate” the immune system, D.I.P. is in a category all of its own because it “balances” immune response for optimal performance.

Research shows that the ingredients in the D.I.P. formula support the function of both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

It also works to “educate” the immune system by promoting the proper immune response when the body is being inappropriately attacked, as is the case with allergies.

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My Number 2 recommendation is Prescript Biotics, the only probiotic with full scientific studies to prove it works.

This is essential for everyone from newborn babies to 100 year old seniors. It is especiallyessential if taking drugs, antibiotics or flu jabs. But even if you eat well, if you have poor absorption due to impaired digestion you’re missing out on an abundance of nutrients needed for health.

Prescript Biotics contains 29 friendly bacteria that are essential to keep unfriendly bacteria in check. It is also essential for absorbing nutrients correctly, creating B vitamins in the digestive tract, and supporting a healthy digestive system; even our emotions can be effected by it. Therefore, not just any old probiotics will do. It needs to be full of multi-strain, soil-based organisms (SBO’s), proven in studies to do the job correctly. It can even work out cheaper than ordinary dairy-based probiotics as after a saturation dose, just one capsule per week would still provide better protection.

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My Number 3 recommendation is HydroSol Silver Spray

The latest patented silver technology is a ‘sol’ form, which has a unique tetrahedral structure and a coating of silver oxide, making it very stable. It’s made with extremely pure water, a key factor in quality and safety. It also has a natural resonance, which means that the silver does not need to actually contact the bacteria to be effective. Tests have shown it to be up to 10,000 times more effective than standard colloidal or ionic silver.

Even hospitals are now opting to use colloidal silver. One example is the use of colloidal silver to prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ disease in hospital water supplies. Hospitals have also used this amazing alternative to antibiotics to treat the eyes of newly born babies, to help prevent blindness due to infection. Some hospitals have even produced their own colloidal silver formulas when antibiotic treatments have failed.

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Lifestyle Steps To A Healthy Immune System:

1. Diet and Digestion Healthy digestion forms the foundation of a strong immune system. It requires healthy nutrition from a diet filled with vegetables, dark skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and protein. This also includes good hydration with plenty of filtered water all day long. The worst dietary assault to immunity is overconsumption of grains, cereals and other high sugar foods and drinks.

2. Circulation Problems with circulation can lead to other unwanted health complications. Unless the body has a strong circulatory system, nutrients aren’t conveyed to immune cells, germs and wastes build up, and communication between various aspects of immunity breaks down. Poor circulation also contributes to chronic inflammation and vice versa, creating a vicious immune-suppressing cycle. Daily exercise (even just a brisk walk) and proper hydration can help improve circulation.

3. Mind/Body A growing collection of research shows that stress may be one of our greatest immune killers. Chronic physical and mental stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and even pessimism have been shown to detract from health in numerous ways, including a reduction in immune function. On the other hand, happiness, laughter and strong social networks boost immunity and protect against chronic and acute illness. Loving pets can provide a critical boost to immunity as well. Do what brings you joy and satisfaction: Spend time with people who uplift you.

And remember that kindness and love are great healers and protectors all on their own.