Health News (Week 46 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

I am writing this newsletter on Diabetes Day. Most of what you read in the media today will urge you to get your blood sugar levels checked and consult your doctor. I find that really confusing as I believe this is so serious that every day should be Diabetes Day.

Diabetes Type 2 is simply a warning of ‘really bad’ things to come. Bad things? With no exaggeration…how about blindness? Heart disease? Alzheimer’s? Amputations? Depression? Shorter life? To name a few. Do you think this warning should be ‘headlined’ every day?

Will doctors help me to avoid these ‘bad things’?

There is no doubt that the drugs that doctors prescribe are suspect since the studies come from the pharma/medical mafia. If your doctors are those brave souls prepared to tell you about supplements and change to a Keto diet change, they risk attacks by the Pharma/Medical mafia and may eventually be fired. Yes, doctors get fired for getting you healthy.

What is Diabetes Type 2?

Diabetes Type 2 is a condition caused by:

  • Lack of many vital nutrients such as Vitamin D
  • Lack of vegetables and fruit in the diet
  • Consumption of carbs and sugar and other processed stuff in the food
  • Failure of the body to clear resultant high glucose from the bloodstream

Diabetes’ Damaging Effects

When we consume high levels of sugar, carbs or high sugar drinks, your body converts this to another form of glucose. High levels of sugar in the bloodstream damages both your immune system as well as organs in your body. Given time your body will convert this excess glucose to fat. With extra high levels, your body immediately instructs your pancreas to produce insulin which is programmed to dump this dangerous amount of glucose into your cells. The excess sugar in your cells now creates another problem.

Your cells are programmed to produce ATP using 80% oxygen and 20% glucose. ATP is one of the most essential and significant energy sources for building and repairing the body. It is in almost all of these functions. When we upset this cycle with a lousy diet and lack of critical nutrients (including oxygen from lack of walking), there is a reduction in ATP and hence a reduction in the body’s ability to repair itself. Then all of the ‘bad things’ above start to happen.

The solution? Click on my eBook then read and follow my plan and change your life. The supplements are there but what you take depends how serious your Diabetes 2 is. Register at for help from a Health Coach.

The fundamental thing you can do is to follow a Keto diet.

There are many studies for Keto for diabetes, but not all of them use the Keto name.

An example is a non-profit charity organization, ‘The National Obesity Forum (NOF)’ published a paper entitled ‘Eat Fat, Cut the Carbs and Avoid Snacking To Reverse Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes’.

This report was based upon scientific research and analysis of the causes of the epidemic of diseases suffered or awaiting our children in the near future. The study was the result of independent professors and researchers looking into the cause of diseases.

This week I saw just how evil (or utterly stupid) with their abuse of our children, some in the medical system, the government (here in the UK) and the food industry is. Instead of supporting NOF, they instead attacked and rubbished the report. There were many interviews with the attack dogs of the junk food industry, but the official government line was the worst and most abusive of our children and their future (see my words in bold):

Professor John Newton, Chief Knowledge Officer at Public Health England, said:

“Suggesting people should eat more fat, cut out carbs and ignore calories, conflicts with the broad evidence base and internationally agreed on interpretations of it”.

The evidence is overwhelming that a ketogenic diet (carb/sugar-free) will start to reverse most diseases in just 30 days. It doesn’t need paid hirelings of the so-called food industry to ‘interpret’ getting healthy in 30 days any other way.

The report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition on carbohydrates alone included around 600 peer-reviewed scientific reports. That review was carried out over several years, reflecting how long it takes to consider evidence ahead of changing dietary guidelines thoroughly. These are food industry paid or influenced reports and are meaningless.

We engage with a broad range of stakeholders when we make changes to advice, and this includes representatives of the food and drink industry. As the organization that encourages the government on dietary guidelines, it would be irresponsible for us to not engage with those who produce and market the food we all eat. “This shows the government consider their views and interests above those of our children and their futures”.

Our priority is to advise the public, clearly and consistently, basing the advice on broad, robust and objective evidence. To improve diet, reduce obesity levels, the risk of serious illnesses, and heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers, our advice remains that people should:

  • Base meals on starchy carbohydrates, especially wholegrains
  • Eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day
  • Cut back on food and drinks high in saturated fat, salt, sugar and calories

This is the same advice and the same diet that has caused the mass epidemic of disease over the past 60 years including; Diabetes, Short-Sightedness, Macular Degeneration, Cancer, Lung Disease, Heart Disease and now brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The diet in my books (and hundreds of other writers/researchers) prove the government, medical system and junk food industry wrong.

For Clarity:

Sugar is the toxin that is the prime cause of disease and infections (it poisons our immune system).

Sugar is starchy carbs, bread, pastry, cookies, potatoes, breakfast cereals, rice, parsnips and wheat pasta. Cut it out and replace with healthy alternatives that you will find at

To get healthy children and ensure their (and your) disease-free future, you need to change your family lifestyle to:

  • Eat ten or more vegetables and fruits per day (in smoothies, soups, salads, stir-fries, cooked or raw
  • Eat plenty of fat per day in avocados, nuts, fish and (organic) meats/chickens/eggs (Fat is a better source of energy than sugar and essential for your children’s brains)
  • Eat plenty of healthy nuts, seeds, beans and pulses
  • Drink pure water as the prime source of liquid intake
  • Make sure you take organic minerals or get 1-3 teaspoons of rock or sea salt every day in your diet
  • Walk 3-5miles each day


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This severe disease needs serious adherence to a plan. More health information is available by downloading my eBooks.