Health News (Week 46 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Just reading a discussion in a newspaper regarding the effects that mobile phones and WIFI have on our health and particularly, does it cause headaches? Of course, most medical doctors are of the opinion that it does not cause ill effects. I say, ‘of course’ because medical doctors are famous for going along with the scientific consensus in any health subject.

It may be said that it’s appropriate for doctors to voice this opinion but my readers will know that most science is bought and paid for by interested business parties, ‘the establishment.’

The facts are clear that WIFI (Microwaves) and Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) disrupt and cause damage to all living cells. In fact, Microwaves in higher strength are used for ‘cooking’ cells. Independent scientists have been ignored when there are claims that WIFI damages our cells.

It’s Getting Worse

Both the WIFI damage and the cover-up. On 28 March 2018, the scientific peer review of a landmark United States government study concluded that there is “clear evidence” that radiation from mobile phones causes cancer and damages the heart (see references at end). [4 years ago I had a screening that showed I had a damaged heart valve and was warned that I would need an artificial valve one day. Instead, I followed an intensive recovery plan and, 2 years later I went to Germany for another scan and was given the all-clear. Was this caused by 30 years of mobile phone use?]

I had my first mobile phone in 1986 (about the size of a brick) which used what is called analogue frequencies. We lived in Wales, a beautiful mountainous country (part of the United Kingdom), and my analogue mobile was perfect in remote areas.

A few years later I heard that digital mobile phones were going to be introduced, first to the police in the UK. I also started to read that scientists warned that digital signals needed more line of sight towers and could cause health problems. This was ignored and the digital phones were introduced both as mobiles and in the home. Even worse! 5G is just around the corner which is many times more intense than the existing WIFI system.

Did I Believe The Warnings?

I must confess the warning made me purchase a medallion I wore around my neck that claimed it would protect me but I was not absolutely convinced it was as a good as claimed. I was focusing for the last 25 years on changing to a healthy lifestyle and it wasn’t until I started to look at Quantum Theory for reducing car emissions and fuel costs that things started to make sense.

I introduced the QuantoGram PCD that measurably lowers fuel costs and emissions by at least 17%. To demonstrate these savings is easy as they are measurable but I also realised that it was possible to demonstrate the damaging effects of WIFI and how we can be protected from them.

In the following link, I show how using a mobile phone increases the temperature of cells around the ear and makes us weak. I also show how, by using a protection device we can be protected from our mobile phone and in fact, simply having the device in our possession can protect us when we are out and about.

I introduced:

  • The QuantoGram PCD to reduce fuel cost and exhaust emissions.
  • The HoloGuard for personal and mobile phone protection
  • The SafeHouse Plug for total home, Office or Hotel Room Protection.

Click Here for: How do they work and how can I prove it?

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It took me nearly 30 years to become totally convinced and the next 30 years will be much worse with 5G around the corner. Food and lifestyle are critical but so is protection from WIFI and EMF. Unlike us, our children and grandchildren have been immersed in these frequencies even in the womb and need protecting more than we do