Health News (Week 46 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

I am just reading a news item from a very reliable source, WDDTY, and the main points by writer Bryan Hubbard at WDDTY revealed…

Mobile phones cause lethal type of brain cancer, major study expected to declare

An important study into the safety of mobile (cell) phones is expected to report early next year that the devices can trigger the most lethal form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

The US National Toxicology Program (NTP) will shortly release the full results of its $25m research project that involved exposing laboratory mice and rats to 10-minute bursts of cell-phone radiation for two years.

In an early release of the initial findings, the NTP researchers discovered that brain tumours had developed in the male rats, and that DNA in their brains had been damaged something that sceptics have said was not biologically possible.

My Take On This

Firstly, you may find the authorities will declare their own study is flawed and for you to ignore it. Let me be clear it has been well studied for many years and this is just another conclusion that shows electro-magnetic fields are dangerous.

Being passionate about natural health as well as being a techie geek I have seen the evidence building over the past 20 years about the damage done to humans by electro-magnetic field devices.

These fields are everywhere and there is almost no place on earth where we can hide from them and it is getting worse with 5G expected over the next 10 years. Apart from walking around in an aluminium foil bubble suit, there is no place to hide.

There Is A Simple Solution

Last November I was introduced to a way to use a quantum effect that would not shield but neutralise and make safe all of the various fields around us. I already knew that everything in the universe is created by quantum particles and I am excited at this early use of this technique to protect us from these frequencies created by humans.

6 months ago, I introduced Quantum devices that offer protection from electro-magnetic-fields and microwave fields used to transmit cell phone signals. I also introduced a device for enabling a cleaner and more efficient fuel burn in any vehicle to save both money and the environment.

1. HoloGuard™ Makes your phone, tablet, cordless phone, or laptop safe to use and can even be in your pocket or next to your ear for extended periods. It does this by making the electro fields safer and does not block the signals. It even protects you (as long as you have it about your person) when you are out and about in the electro fields that are everywhere in towns and cities. It will even protect you or your children at school or when on a plane.

2. SafeHouse™ is a device that you simply plug into any electrical socket to protect everyone in your home, office or even hotel room when travelling. Additionally, this also neutralises many of the other toxins in the rooms including outgasses and mould.

3. QuantoGram PCD™ Placed on or near the fuel tank, PCD uses a quantum field to improve the structure of the fuel, enabling a cleaner and more efficient fuel burn in any vehicle to save money and the environment.


Please don’t be concerned about existing damage to your cells. Like anyone with brain cell damage, BrainPower™ and ReFocus™ have good studies showing repair and regeneration. I take both since I was not very good at boxing and was knocked out many times as well as in motorcycle crashes during my teen years.

This is all important knowledge that you can educate yourself about and so I recommend reading some of my previous articles in Naturally Healthy News.

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So, in conclusion:

Studies Indicate Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and
WIFI Microwaves Are Not Safe

I am convinced that quantum mechanics can be used to protect us from these dangers. I am also convinced that along with better and cleaner vehicle fuels, there are many other benefits to come from the use of quantum mechanics.

I promised 6 months ago that I will have a live video presentation where you can experience the quantum effect and I am just in the process of setting up a small studio, so watch out for the announcement.

Lastly, if you cannot think of a Christmas present for family or friends, then consider a quantum present. You can then demonstrate its power at a gathering as I do here in this quick video Anne and I created: Click Here

The Good News:
You and your Family will live healthier and longer.