Health News (Week 45 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

This week I really need your feedback.

A couple of years ago I made some newsletter videos and also persuaded some users to create video testimonials. I have been asked to produce a monthly Q&A video to provide those using smartphones, tablets and computers with the chance to engage better by hearing first hand the typical questions and answers I give. These answers are useful for most people to get a better understanding of health challenges.

Here is an example of one I produced a couple of years ago to give you a chance to evaluate whether it works for you.

Did the video work? On any of your devices? You can leave a comment on the video page.

Important: Since I created the video above I have also created the more powerful serrapeptase – SerraEnzyme 250,000iu, so disregard my recommendation to take x20 caps per day as 2,000,000iu is my NEW recommendation intake (maximum). This can be achieved in just x8 250,000iu caps. To see the latest range of serrapeptase formulas Click Here.

The sound and vision will of course be better quality in the videos as technology is improving in leaps and bounds.

Please consider sharing your video testimonial.

It is easy if you use a smartphone or tablet as you can simply email it to me at

TIP – Don’t have a window or light behind you as shown in this example.

The light or window should be behind the camera. Don’t sweat over making it perfect. It will look too professional!

For any questions feel free to contact me Here. I will answer as soon as possible and in strict confidence.

P.S: You can see all of the videos here:

P.P.S: Another reminder, your comments can be added at the bottom of this week’s newsletter.