Health News (Week 44 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

A couple of years ago, I reported on a ground-breaking study from Spain that confirmed what I had suspected for a while. This formed the basis of the Alzheimer’s plan in my book. There are various studies as to why we get Alzheimer’s, including a virus and bacteria. They could both be correct, but this Spanish study confirmed that Alzheimer’s and inflammation showed in the brains of where fungus (AKA Candida) was present and not in anyone else.

Coincidentally there are numerous studies indicating inflammation in the brain is linked to depression, autism, epilepsy and possibly many other hard to treat conditions. It is likely, this inflammation is the result of the amount of sugar in the diet. Just this week, I read of a new study showing aspirin is useful to help depression because of its anti-inflammatory effects. There is no mention in the review of a healthy diet and no warning of the long-term side effects of taking aspirin.

The good news is the various reasons and causes can all be solved with the same plan, whether you’re trying to prevent or reverse the condition.

Alzheimer’s Facts:

Plaque is NOT the cause of Alzheimer’s – The Spanish study further showed that many people have brain plaque and do not develop Alzheimer’s. So, after spending billions looking for a drug (you will know that Aricept does not make any difference to early-onset Alzheimer’s. It may just be another scam by the drug companies). We now know it may be a matter of cleaning up the diet and supporting your immune system to deal with these infections.

P.S. To remind you: “8/7/2004 – A new independent study, conducted at the University of Birmingham, UK, reveals that a popular prescription drug for Alzheimer’s disease, Aricept, offers no real benefit to Alzheimer’s patients compared to a placebo. And yet, the drug has been approved and heavily marketed based on false findings from the drug”.

Various studies are clear that infection and diet are at the root of Alzheimer’s and as these are independent non-profit making results we can believe them rather than the Pharma and charity businesses who all have a financial interest in chasing a patented drug. These new studies are all from reputable sources who will not make any money from them.

Asking so-called ‘expert’ opinion on this new exciting research from charities, doctors or medical authorities that have their finances linked to their study is like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. The research from Spain opens the way for immediate low-cost treatment and puts the patented medical research gravy train out of this business. No major charity has ever financed a significant study for a non-patented solution such as Curcumin whereas multiple independent university studies show good results. No government money has gone into simple, inexpensive non-drug help for any disease.

The Causes Of Alzheimer’s

A weak immune system is leading to infection in the brain (Fungus, Virus, Bacteria).

Weak Immune systems are caused by:

  • Ageing – As we age our body and immune system needs more loving tender care to keep it healthy.
  • Sugar – Sugar contained in bread, cookies, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, high sugar fruits and parsnips.
  • Grains and Cereals – Contain fungus (watch how fast bread goes mouldy if you leave it out).
  • Ground Nuts – Can contain fungus (e.g. peanuts)
  • Mouldy House – Living in a damp, mouldy, poorly ventilated house will contaminate your body and leave you open to Alzheimer’s and many diseases.
  • Lack of Exercise – Walking 3-5 miles every day or the equivalent mix of walking and exercise is essential to oxygenating your body and brain. Oxygen is critical for a healthy body and brain. Sedentary (sitting longer than 3hrs per day) people who consume a high sugar diet are at greater risk of lower limb amputation. We cannot live for more than a few minutes without oxygen as it is almost impossible to breathe efficiently in a sitting position. Laying down is better than sitting. Walking is the best.
  • Lack of Critical Minerals – Minerals are critical for the immune system to work effectively. Magnesium, Selenium and Iodine are just a few of the essential minerals deficient in virtually every diet.
  • Lack of Essential Vitamins – Vitamin D3 and others are essential to support a healthy immune system.
  • Drinking Water – Almost everyone is not drinking the correct amount of water. Your blood will become unhealthy without this critical nutrient, and you cannot live for more than seven days without water. Adding sodium bicarbonate to our glasses of water helps to clear fungus.
  • Real Foods – Real food is vegetables (greens), dark-skinned fruits, seeds and fats from oily fish and other kinds of seafood.

Does this seem a lot to do to avoid Alzheimer’s or in fact, any brain problem? It is how you need to be living your life to enjoy a healthy future. Not only to avoid brain diseases but to stay active and independent. Avoiding becoming a burden on family and society is the most fulfilling thing you can experience, and it is all possible.

Do you need help?

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Taking care of our body and brain means we stay strong and independent. I cannot think of a better way to live our life.