Health News (Week 42 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

This week I am happy to announce that the many wishes for printed books rather than eBooks has been granted. The team has been working hard and the first six are ready and these are the titles:

Improving Lung Health in 30 Days

Improving High Blood Pressure in 30 Days

Solving Diabetes Type 2 in 27 Days

Improving Fertility in 30 Days

Improving Candida in 30 Days

Alzheimer’s Disease Rehabilitation in 30 Days

We are using a company called CreateSpace that will print-on-demand and ship the book out the same day. I have ordered some as samples and they are very high quality.

The plan is ultimately to print them for the warehouses and distribute them to health stores but that can take many months and so the print-on-demand system is great for getting the books into your hands quickly.

FREE BOOKS: – All of my books are still free as a download and you can see the complete range by clicking here


After last week’s newsletter I had feedback from a few people who were concerned about my recommendations regarding dealing and protecting ourselves from infections.

I also had feedback from an amazing organization called Doctors Across Borders. They are basically educating and treating people in West Africa as I recommend, by using diet and natural supplements. The diet is strong on vegetables.

Their Chief Executive Officer, Colleen O’Carroll, wrote to me and as well as thanking me for my expertise added a little more info ‘direct from the front line’ which you may not hear from the media.

She added:

    • The disease is spread via airborne aerosol droplets whilst the health care workers are “disinfecting” the areas.
    • The disease is spread due to cultural habits – such as preparing their dead for burial.
    • The disease is spread due to fear of disclosing their health status and family members unwittingly/unknowingly tending to their loved ones and becoming contaminated themselves.
    • For those few ‘lucky’ ones that recover (and we have had many whilst working in the Ivory Coast) – the virus survives in the semen for over 83+ days.
    • The habit of sharing clothing/bedding etc – does not help matters.
  • The fact the people are totally nutrient deficient – their immune systems do not even begin to protect them.
  • The disease attacks the immune system…

My respect goes out to these heroes who are risking their lives. There are very few non-profit-organizations I respect but this is one of them. Not only treating but educating them into a healthy and natural living practice that will help ensure their future, quite often in dangerous situations.

In comparison my 16 hour workdays do not seem so hard – my only battles are with skeptics and a weak internet connection.