Health News (Week 41 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

I cannot say too much about eyesight loss and how devastating it can be for those who have reached their senior years. My long-time readers will know I am confident the majority can regain their eyesight. Including sufferers of macular degeneration, glaucoma and even cataracts in many cases. Many long-time readers that have been with me since 1996 will know that is when I first started on the journey for eyesight recovery.

It was eye doctors in the USA purchasing my HealthPoint that alerted me to the existence of macular degeneration. These eye doctors were reporting that patients were regaining their eyesight. One eye doctor said she reversed her own retinitis pigmentosa (which is said to be a genetic eye disease). It has long been my suspicion that some genetic conditions are only called that as the drug companies do not have a drug that affects it.

It was a few years later I found the eye doctors had also developed a sublingual nutritional supplement, taken in the mouth. I went on to build my sublingual version of this called NewFocus, which later developed into MaxiFocus.

Why Sublingual?

Most diseases are caused by poor diet and/or the food lacking nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and carotenoids. Two of the most critical nutrients for the eye are Lutein and Zeaxanthin (zee-a-zanthin). These carotenoids are mostly found in dark leafy green vegetables. Most people are either, not eating enough leafy greens, or, they are not absorbing them. One of the reasons we are not absorbing them is that our digestive tract is not working correctly.

There are several reasons for this, including eating starchy carbs, sugar, processed foods, and not topping up our friendly bacteria (probiotics). Age Related Macular Degeneration is now officially called Macular Degeneration. However, young adults are developing it as their diet has gone from bad to worse compared to seniors. Sublingual nutrition works at any age, and I am extending the range.

For Your Eyes Only

You will not hear your doctor, ophthalmic surgeon, or most Optometrists tell you that Macular Degeneration can be cleared up. Some Optometrists are recommending nutrition, but they do not support the complete lifestyle change that I recommend in my eye book. I want you to have healthy eyes, and I want you to become healthier. If you follow the whole plan, you should get both.

Do I have to Follow the Whole Plan?

In truth, no. The majority of people are happy to get their eyesight back and are not inspired to get healthier.

Here is a heart-warming story, typical of the majority:

“I was diagnosed with dry ARMD in 2005 and was told by Specsavers opticians there was nothing they could do and that I would lose my central vision. I called into a local health shop when visiting a relative in North Wales and he recommended NewFocus. I started to see a marked improvement in my condition. I now use MaxiFocus and have even recommended it on radio. Over the years it has helped me to fulfil my duties as a County Councillor and become chairman of the Mid Wales Fire and Rescue Service. Now at aged 82, I can lead a normal life thanks to MaxiFocus”.

The Plan

While antioxidant intake is essential, targeted nutrient use is vital. Taking a run-of-the-mill antioxidant vitamin isn’t going to improve or stop vision loss. Understanding which critical nutrients your eyes need to protect and restore sight can reduce the risk of blindness.

Two specific nutrients are responsible for protecting the macula from degeneration:

1. Lutein: Lutein is an essential nutrient in healthy bodies. This vital carotenoid must be gleaned in food and nutritional supplements to prevent permanent vision loss. An anti-inflammatory diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables provides a foundation for healthy vision at any age. 10 to 14 portions of fresh or frozen vegetables a day are recommended to be consumed (in soups, salads, stir-fries, etc). Along with that, a daily lutein supplement can support eye, brain and full-body health.

2. Zeaxanthin: Like lutein, zeaxanthin is an antioxidant found in most fruits and vegetables; antioxidant levels are uniquely high in green, leafy vegetables. Zeaxanthin works alongside lutein to maintain the structural integrity of blood vessels that supply the macula to protect against photo-oxidation. Zeaxanthin both, in the diet and supplement form, is highly recommended. Lutein and zeaxanthin are undeniably crucial to eye health. These potent antioxidants are known to be missing in sufferers of ARMD. A review of more than 25 studies that examined the dietary intake of carotenoids found that lutein and zeaxanthin were deficient in those with age-related macular degeneration.


Alongside essential nutrient support, HealthPoint electro-acupressure has been used to speed up the recovery of the macular to restore the health of the eyes. Many factors contribute to ARMD. One of the most common triggers, after free radical damage, is a lack of circulation associated with age.

For the macula to function in optimal health with crystal-clear vision; proper nutrients, oxygen, and detoxification are needed. Low circulation reduces antioxidant and oxygen supply to the eyes. This process will soon result in vision dysfunction and long-term degeneration.

Electro-acupressure micro-current stimulation is an exciting new technology that can be used to treat macular degeneration. For both wet and dry ARMD, early clinical trials have shown up to a 70 per cent improvement in vision. Electro-acupressure therapy can stimulate the retina and degenerated macula using well-mapped acupressure points on the body. When used with antioxidants and nutritional supplements, hope for recovery is available. Vision loss is not a natural part of the ageing process.


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MaxiFocus contains the essential carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin plus a full range of essential vitamins and minerals to support the health of your eyes. These nutrients absorb at least 900 per cent better than their tablet equivalent and in most cases will be getting to work within the eye within two minutes.


HealthPoint, this electronic acupressure kit for home delivers all the benefits of acupuncture but without the needles! Stimulate the essential acupressure points for eye health with the help of this machine.

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