Health News (Week 41 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

I get asked many questions about Diabetes Type 2 (as opposed to Type 1).

Two common questions are:

  1. How can I say it can be reversed in such a short time as 27 days, since this is a disease?
  2. Is this a cure, since it can be reversed in 27 days?

For question 1, I explain that Diabetes Type 2 is not a disease. It is the result of damage done to the body by putting something into our system, with a substance we do not need.

That substance is sugar.

We can get sugar in perfect quantities from healthy fats, without causing damage to our body that results from ingesting sugar. Of course it is just not simply about taking sugar, but it is the gross amount that is consumed in the western diet that causes so much trouble.

Ingesting many things in small quantities is not too much of an issue, but it can cause problems in large amounts, and this is a common occurrence with many things. Alcohol? Salt? Even water taken in excess will kill you. Why do we think taking sugar to excess is not the cause of the symptoms?

Maybe it’s because we have been told by the establishment that it’s a disease and we have to take drugs? Do we believe everything the establishment tell us? I hope not!

The answer to question 2 is simple. If it is not a disease then it does not need a cure.

If you were damaging your liver (so called liver disease or fatty liver) from drinking excess alcohol, do we really think that not drinking alcohol is a cure for (so-called) liver disease?

Yes, I know you can also get a damaged liver from other things, such as a high sugar diet from eating carbs, high sugar fruits and consuming high sugar drinks, but the cure for a damaged liver is the same – STOP ALL SUGAR!

You will read about stopping high sugar foods in all of my plans. Why is it so important? Because no real healing can take place while the cells are still under attack from sugar.

It is the ‘misinformation spread’ by the medical/pharma establishment that is causing so much confusion. Anything they can call a disease and create a drug for means another profit line from the lifetime of the sufferer. Diabetes drugs give a revenue of between $40-$100,000 over the remaining lifetime of the sufferer. It is of zero profit to the medical/pharma establishment to tell a sufferer to stop taking carbs and sugar, since that is the cause.

The really bad news about these drugs is that as well as being unnecessary, they do cause harm. The drugs are designed to get the sugar out of the bloodstream where they are doing harm and into the cells where they will cause even more harm.

Yes that’s right, the sugar does even more harm as a result of taking the drugs.

Either the medical system is crazy, or am I crazy? ! Sugar addiction is the same as an alcohol addiction.

They both cause harm but you can heal if you stop taking them.

You can read about reversing diabetes in my free eBook by downloading it here

The other common follow-up question I get to my newsletters is, ‘Which single product can I take to help give the fastest recovery?’

100% good health should be achieved through diet, but this is difficult for many people because of sugar addiction. Most people consume sugar every day, in things that they know and through things that they don’t.

Therefore if a supplement is needed, the best that I can recommend (for Diabetes Recovery) is Cinnamon27.

This has 7 super ingredients, all with good studies showing why this is the tops for balancing blood sugar.

It contains: Cinnamon Bark Extract (from Ceylon) + Chromium + Gymnema Sylvestre Extract + Bitter Melon Extract + Fenugreek Seed Extract + Ginseng Root Extract + Prickly Pear Extract.

Combine this with my really health diet in the eBook and your diabetes will be gone in 27 days. Then you can swap the Cinnamon27 for another essential supplement, as you may no longer need it. One bottle of Cinnamon27 will last for the 27 days, shop here for Cinnamon 27

Remember, if you have developed peripheral neuropathy or damaged your organs as a result of sugar (or drug) damage, then it is the full plan from the eBook you will need to follow.

PS. Tom Hanks is the prime example – gorging on sugar foods such as pizza to put on weight for various roles and now he has been told he now has Diabetes Type 2. Then the uneducated doctors told him it is because he is not producing insulin. I think it is because he has been eating high sugar foods instead of really healthy foods!