Health News (Week 40- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

2016-40-1I am at another trade show but this time just visiting. I normally fly over to Las Vegas for the Ingredients Trade Show but this year two of the largest suppliers of ingredients for Good Health Naturally products had booths at an ingredients trade show in Barcelona. Since it is just a 30 minute flight I thought I would try this show which is new to me and as well as other existing suppliers, there may be other suppliers with ingredients that may catch my eye. It is an essential part of what I do to question every facet of the source and quality of them. I knew nothing about this show other than that existing suppliers would be there.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find it is the largest Pharmaceutical Trade Show in the world. There are seven huge halls filled with all of the world’s Pharma Drug companies. I have never seen so much money spent on persuading thousands of doctors and buyers. Even the smallest stand was huge and would have cost hundreds of thousands (and much more) with huge numbers of sharp suited drug pushers wining and dining these visitors who were like sheep to the slaughter.

Worse Than I Thought

In the Anaheim and Las Vegas Natural Health Trade Show there are a few large stands of the multinational suppliers but the rest are modest booths and seeing this gross sight created a shock to my system. It really was worse than I thought – how tough the battle is to turn people away from the pharma drugs.

At least I know the enemy and will keep plugging to persuade readers to choose the good healthy route rather than the disease care pharma drug route.

Nice Little Surprise

I did visit some of the pharma drug booths (just to hear their pitch) and other than the few dozen natural health ingredient booths, I came across a small stand for the largest producer of bicarbonate of soda in the UK. Their plant is just a few miles from where we stay when visiting the UK and I never knew what they did. Long time readers will know that bicarbonate of soda is a little miracle substance and is detailed in many of my plans and especially for recovering kidney disease.kidneyhealth

I stopped by and visited their booth with another sharp suited salesman. I thought I would catch him out and asked him which disease could be cured with bicarbonate of soda and much to my surprise he immediately said, kidney disease and stopping massive infection (septicemia) within a few hours with I.V. I was honestly surprised but happy this knowledge is becoming widely known.

The salesman did however explain they cannot make the claim public but can tell doctors. So if you know anyone with kidney disease download my Kidney Recovery Book HERE and make sure you insist on a bicarb drip if you are ever rushed to hospital with septicaemia.

There are a few good articles that we posted over the last week and I trust they will be of use to use or to share with others who may benefit.


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