Health News (Week 40 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

It is International Breast Cancer Month, when Big Pharma tries every trick in the book to use their ‘government given right’ to terrorise you (collectively) into handing over a billion or more of your hard earned money. I thought I would try to persuade you otherwise. I have seen so many ladies in pink and sob stories on the TV to last me a lifetime. I simply get furious of the blatant use of females scared out of their skins by the stories of breast cancer, death, mastectomies, family genes gone wrong and any other Big Pharma dirty tactics.

Big Pharma have been running this fraud for around 50 years, during which they have collected over 50 billion and still not found a cure for breast cancer (or any other major cancer).

Why would they?

The fraud can only continue while they claim they ‘have a breakthrough’. They keep saying, ‘if only you will dig deeper into your pockets we will beat cancer’.

They will carry on saying it for another 50 years during which they can pocket a billion or so every year (and that does not include the massive revenue from the drugs they developed with your money). They could at least give you these drugs for free, since they did not pay for them and they do not cure cancer anyway.

Just to be clear it is BIG PHARMA behind all of this.

You may think it is well meaning ladies and cancer charities that are behind this.

You cannot be more wrong. The wicked hand of Big Pharma is behind it all, orchestrating, using their PR companies, finding the best sob stories, delivering them all to the national and local media.

Breast Cancer – Ovarian Cancer – Prostate Cancer.

Why did I call the subject these three names?

They are all linked.

The Big Pharma breast cancer awareness campaign does not mention these as they want to create the greatest fear and emotion. Women (and us men who had mothers) are very strongly attached to women’s breasts and Big Pharma do not want to break that spell by also discussing ovaries and the prostate.

Which brings me to the title. All of these cancers are linked in that if you have a mother, father, brother, or sister, who developed one of these cancers, you too are more likely to get breast, ovarian or prostate cancer. I am not linking genes here such as the BRCA1 and BRCA 2, genes popularised by Angelina Jolie. Less than 1 in every 100 breast cancer cases have this gene.

What is my point here?

Angelina Jolie was terrorised into having her breasts removed and replaced with implants using a test from a company that own the patent on the BRCA1 and BRCA 2 genes that Angelina Jolie was born with. That company has an interest in scaring and terrorising women into having a £4000 test that literally costs a few dollars. They stand to make billions. The doctors stand to make billions doing operations when all they need to do is to monitor all women with a safe, simple, inexpensive thermographic scan every year. Some of the doctors are using unscientific figures (opinions), claiming 100% will die if they do not remove the breasts and others claim 80%.

Since some doctors have proved to be so untrustworthy when it comes to the possibility of high revenues, let’s take a figure of 50%. That means that 50% will not get breast cancer. Even if it was 10%, or 20% do you think the billions raised in Breast Cancer Month are used to identify why these women do not get breast cancers? It is a big fat zero. The safe and amazing reason these women with this so called ‘dangerous gene’ do not get breast cancer is of no interest to the Medical and Pharma business. They simply want to know what treatments they can develop, deliver and profit by. That is it folks, they are not interested in your health, only in your disease.

Research with Your Health in Mind, Whatever Type of Cancer?

There are good people out there doing research to find women and men who have breast, ovarian, prostate and other forms of cancer. Their findings show:

  • Good levels of Vitamins D3-K2 helps prevent cancers.
  • Good levels of Iodine helps prevent cancers.
  • Good levels of Selenium helps prevent cancers.n
  • Good levels of leafy greens in your diet every day (especially broccoli) helps prevent cancers.
  • Good levels of foods containing Vitamin A helps prevent cancers.
  • Stopping all breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, white rice, potatoes, sugar, sugary drinks, drinks with chemical sweeteners and all chemically adulterated foods.
  • Stopping all processed milk (dairy) other than organic raw milk.
  • Good levels of healthy fats in your diet are needed, such as Hemp oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil and Krill oil.
  • Stop flame charring vegetables and meats as this creates a carcinogen called acrylamide linked to cancers.
  • Avoid soy that has not been fermented as this has been linked to potential breast cancers.
  • Good levels of Curcumin taken daily will help prevent cancers.
  • Exercising daily will help (even rebounding for 30 mins while watching TV).

The moral of the story?

While genes may load the gun, it is lifestyle that pulls the trigger. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, stay clear of cancer and the doctors.

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