Health News (Week 37 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

I trust you are well and staying strong in these Plandemic Times. I am taking a break from ranting for a day (Thursday 10th) for a special family celebration (our son’s 50th birthday).

Since this is prerecorded I am keeping this short and so I have included the first 20 weeks of CV newsletters further down for those who missed or who didn’t realise ALL of my newsletters are available to read here:

I found it interesting to reread these newsletters as more and more information leaked out. They showed how CV was being used to create a plan to take over and Vacs. enslave populations of the world. Please read through them for lots of reasons, and not least for my insights at those times.

My apologies for the grammar in these 20 weeks. It was only recently that I have been using a great piece of software called Grammarly as well as getting other eyes to look over my newsletters. In other words, those helpful emails you send with corrections are still welcome for my recent emails, but not for these 20.

Some Good News

I recently had a welcome email from a sight-challenged person that said his text to speech software was at last working for my emails and he could now make better sense of what I was trying to say.

My Current Conclusion for the Planned Epidemic:

  • CV is not a problem for healthy adults, babies or young people.
  • It is only a problem for those who are seriously unhealthy and/or already at risk of death.
  • Even the at-risk people can resolve this risk by following a healthy immune plan.
  • The vicious way governments and the authorities are acting even though they know it “is no longer considered to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) in the UK”. This statement still on the UK government website showing it as a minor infection. So why is everyone to be vaccinated?

I recently received this blue link to the UK government website outlining the plans to vaccinate everyone, even if the studies are not complete.

They also plan to absolve the drug companies of all civil liabilities for the harm the Vacs. will do.

While this is specific to the UK, I am sure there are similar plans for all countries in the world.

I will review more on this and report back next week.

In the meantime please read or reread my previous newsletters below:


Immune Products We Use And Strongly Recommend

Consider using the supplements we take, seen below from left to right in order of priority.



Vitamin C™
The range includes:1000mg of High-Quality Liposomal Vitamin C with 175mg of Quercetin, 1000mg Liposomal Vitamin C and Cam Camu Capsules. For all ages from infants to seniors. Protect healthy cells and has various health benefits that may support immune function, brain health, blood sugar and heart health.

Daily Immune Protection™ (D.I.P.)
Contains Epicor®, eXselen™ and a high dose of Beta Glucan with a strong dose of Vitamin D3 to support a balanced immune response and provide extra support for healthy cell growth. Suitable for vegans.

A super antioxidant, olive leaf is considered to potentially offer immune protection against colds, flu and other viral infections. Oleuropein, one of the primary compounds in olive leaf, is believed to exhibit potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, offering wide-reaching immune support. The addition of zinc, also critical for a strong immune system and often deficient in the diet, enhances the power of this product. Can be used all year round or for more occasional targeted support. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Taking probiotic supplements is recommended to help balance the bacteria in the gut, which in turn supports digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as overall immunity. Prescript Biotics, contains a custom cultured blend of soil-based organisms, in its own prebiotic food source, to help balance the diversity of the microbiome; supporting digestion, immunity and overall health. Soil-based probiotics are the first choice for optimum health, as they are well adapted to the environment of the gut and offer long-term benefits. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nascent Iodine
Consumable iodine in its atomic form that provides a safe energy release when consumed. May help to provide increased energy and immunity levels. Supports thyroid health and hormone production. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Hydrosol Silver
Hydrosol Silver Spray – The active ingredient in the Hydrosol Silver Spray is a unique patented Silver Technology, using nano-particles for superior absorption, containing 10ppm hydrosol silver. Using a silver spray can act as the first line of defence against unwanted pathogens. Being anti-microbial it is able to support immunity, by targeting invading bacteria, viruses, fungus and so on. By boosting the immune system, you allow your body’s own natural defences to work much more efficiently. Suitable for all the family.

Vitamin D3-K2 Spray
Combines 1000IU of Vitamin D3 and 100mcg of Vitamin K2 MK7 in an easy to use sublingual spray for maximum absorption.
Helps to support a normal immune system response, support better calcium absorption and phosphorus absorption in the bones. It is also the world’soriginal Vegan and Vegetarian Vitamin D3.

Ancient Magnesium Oil Ultra
Genuine Zechstein 100% Ultra-Pure Magnesium Oil with OptiMSM for enhanced cellular absorption. Apply the Ancient Magnesium Oil Ultra to the skin each day, for immune support, and to help calm the nervous system, encourage relaxation, anxiety relief and aid sleep.


Really healthy people don’t die of Flu or CV. Read and follow the plan in my eBooks, even if you can’t afford everything. The more you do of the things that don’t cost money, the bigger the difference in your health you’ll see. You can see great improvements specifically from adding sodium bicarbonate to your drinking water and applying transdermal Ancient Magnesium®.