Health News (Week 35 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

Long time readers know I maintain that cancer is easily preventable and in many cases can be quickly cleared. The challenge is getting readers to believe this. Thousands die needlessly every week from cancer in so-called advanced nations but this week two deaths in particular stood out for me. One was Professor Oliver Sacks and the other was Professor Wesley Earl Craven. I cannot promise these two deaths were avoidable but I am sure they did not use their unique talents to avoid useless treatments and plan more useful health treatment programs.

Most people (including me many years ago) presumed that University Professors have a greater intelligence than us lesser mortals. We naturally deferred to doctors, medical consultants and others who like to be held in high esteem. Readers will know I lost any vestige of trust at least 30 years ago and my last 30 years of research and experience dealing with hundreds of thousands of people has only served to endorse that loss.

Do I see doctors? Yes of course but the doctors I see I carefully vet and ascertain they are worthy of my trust. I recently spent 2 days in Germany getting what I consider the very best health check in the world and received a clean bill of health. I will cover this in a future newsletter. My point is…the only doctors I trust are those who have followed a road less travelled and are seekers of the truth. If you cannot find such a doctor then you always have our Good Health Coaches to turn to for balanced information.

Professor Oliver Sacks was famous for his alternative views on Neurology and was remembered by most people for his book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. For a man who professed alternate views to his peers you would think he was a seeker of truth but I do not believe he was. As a child in the UK he was severely malnourished and he grew up with a neurological problem himself. At no point can I find him making and publicizing this link between his malnourishment and his brain problems, his patients or those in his research studies. He died of liver cancer, which is one of the easier cancers to avoid and reverse. If he had turned his brilliant brain to seeking out the truth of cancer and brain disease with nutrient malnourishments he may sill be alive today.

Professor Wesley Earl Craven, better known as Wes Craven, was the well known Director of films such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. He trusted the medical doctors and suffered the consequences. If he had used his brilliant brain he may have found other treatments that could have cleared it up with none of the horrendous side effects of the medical establishment which have a very tiny success rate. The real nightmare is that the other valid treatments do not have patents and the medical establishments ‘Guard Dogs’ (FDA, TGA, and MHRA) and any doctor using these faces the nightmare of ruin if they dare to publicize such treatments. The most famous is Dr Burzynski and most of the other famous cancer doctors have died or been killed in mysterious circumstance. If you remember the ‘Fugitive’ this was a TV programme/film about a doctor who was trying to expose a drug company and was accused of murdering his wife.

If you consider this ‘Fugitive’ story is simply fiction and cannot happen in real life, see how the media reports the death of this doctor using GcMAF for treating Autism and Cancer

Now see how the truth seekers report these deaths:

Nightmare on Health Street

I am not seeking to frighten you and I will leave that to the medical and pharmaceutical system who may tell you anything to keep you under their power. I have never been particularly frightened from horror films but I am frightened by the power of the medical establishment. You can check out GcMAF here and here


Be very clear that GcMAF is not a cure for cancer and any of the other autoimmune conditions it helps. Even though it may clear the tumour or condition over time, the real cause (and cure) is the diet and lack of critical nutrients. Without these being used alongside GcMAF and afterwards for the rest of your life, your problem will not be cured and will likely reoccur as it does after cancer treatment by doctors.

Read my eBook or order a printed copy and at the very least follow the diet/lifestyle plan to prevent or reverse disease.


You can purchase GcMAF on the internet and get Health Coaching at to help you through all of the lifestyle changes as well as receive answers to all of your questions.

As ever:

Food and Simple Lifestyle Changes Will Help Prevent This Tragedy:

The studies are absolutely clear on this. Your doctor may understand if you cite your case and references, but might not beg you to make these changes. I will because I am 100% sure your life will be better with these changes:

    • Stop all Bread, pasties, cookies, breakfast cereals and grains, rice, potatoes, parsnips and wheat pasta.
      Why? Because they contain things that are dangerously detrimental to your health. Yes, even organic grains and cereals!
    • Stop all processed drinks such as cola, fruit juices, and excess alcoholic drinks.
      Why? Because they are high in sugars and chemical alternatives to sugars.
    • Add lots of green vegetables in smoothies, soups, and salads.
      Why? Because they stimulate growth factors that reverse ageing and keep you looking and feeling younger. Try a 60 day Green Smoothie Diet and look in the mirror if you want to prove it to yourself…
    • Add lots of dark skinned fruits such as avocados, blueberries, raspberries and other berries, etc.
      Why? These are naturally full of antioxidants to protect your arteries and brain from damage.
    • Add lots of exercise and movement and stop sitting down for more than 3 hours per day.
      Why? Studies are absolutely clear that sitting down for more than 3 hours per day is devastating for your future health. Walking for a couple of hours per day, rebounding on a mini trampoline and simple stretching and muscle exercises will prevent disease and keep you strong.
    • Add Water.
      Why? Drinking 6-8 glasses of water over the day before 6pm will help keep you healthy and lower your blood pressure when combined with the above.
    • Add Salt: Take unprocessed rock salt or sea salt daily.
      Why? To maintain some of the missing minerals from the diet.
  • Add To Your Life Purpose: Keep working or do voluntary work but make sure you do something of value both to yourself and society. This will keep you younger. I feel like a 40 year old!

Take The Critical Minerals Missing From The Dietary Supplements:

Whatever your budget you can’t risk not taking something and ending up with a disease that will devastate your life. Whether it is one or two things: such as Iodine, Selenium, Active Life or the 15 things my wife and I take daily, they are infinitely better than the diseases stealing the future of the majority.

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Do not wait a minute longer. Whether you are aged 19 or 90, following the above plan can help you to avoid an unhealthy future.