Health News (Week 34 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Colds, Flu, Coughs?

An example of the ‘Medical Mafia’ missing the point of healthcare is on the radio while I am writing this newsletter. The authorities in the UK are asking doctors not to prescribe any drugs when patients have a virus such as a cold, flu or cough. They are particularly asking them not to prescribe antibiotics as over-prescribing is leading to these drugs failing.

Crazy Recommendation – Instead, they recommend doctors tell the patient to take honey or over-the-counter drugs instead.

  1. Honey from the store is virtually sugar by another name. Maybe 100% Real New Zealand Manuka Honey from the Tea Tree is beneficial but that costs £60 to £100 per jar. Any cheaper and it is not real manuka.
  2. Over-the-counter drugs do not kill viruses and in any case it is just more fake drugs from the medical mafia. Nutritional supplements that do kill viruses are not allowed to be sold while making such a claim as they do not make profit for the Medical Mafia.

What Does Kill Viruses and Support Your Immune System?

CureC™ Liposomal Vitamin C – has studies going back to the thirties for killing viruses. The world’s top Nobel scientists including Albert Szent-Györgyi and Linus Pauling have given us the research and in spite of attacks by the medical mafia, Vitamin C therapy is growing. CureC Vitamin C uses a patented system of creating perfect liquid liposomes that absorb into the mouth if held there and then into the bloodstream in the fastest way possible other than intravenously.

Olive Leaf+Zinc – Again kills viruses and provides daily immune system support against colds, flu, and candida. It provides antiviral and antioxidant protection and helps to maintain balanced cholesterol levels.

Daily Immune Protection (DIP) – Contains 10 of the best researched immune defence ingredients available. Contains The Best Natural Ingredients For Improved Immune Response. Contains EpiCor ® and eXselen™ To Support A Balanced Immune System and a super nutrient combination of EpiCor® and eXselen™ Selenium with a strong dose of Vitamin D3 to protect against infections, boost immune response against allergens, and provide extra support for healthy cell growth. The EU has approved the following health claims including Selenium, Vitamin D and Zinc that can contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin C can also contribute to the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

Campaign For Real Healthcare

I was browsing on the internet when I searched the phrase ‘Campaign for Real Healthcare’. To my annoyance, it was being used by the ‘medical mafia’ to promote their ‘fake healthcare’, by having more access to drugs and medical intervention. The good news is that they had not bothered to register the name and so I took the opportunity to register the web names and It will take some time for me to build a website so they will only link to until I get time.

The plan is to have an easy to read definitive website showing what real healthcare really is e.g. Really Health Food, Really Healthy Lifestyle, Really Healthy Environment, etc so a reader can see at a glance the information they need. I do realise that my thousands of articles can be difficult to digest so simplicity will be the goal.

Keto In The News

An example of confusion has been in the news this past week with headlines such as:

Shocking News about Keto Diets!

Keto Diets Are Unhealthy!

Can The Keto Diet Be Unhealthy?

What they are referring to is a review of all of the studies (good or bad) of the various diets (I prefer the words, ‘Food Plans’). This is called a meta-analysis where researchers try to find a consensus on the outcomes for the various types of food plan and try to present them in a balanced way. Of course, such statistics are open to bias – as all statistics are.

You will have heard the phrase by Mark Twain, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”. As well as bias, they are simply asking people what they eat. Do you think that people don’t cheat on the food they know they should eat?

The studies I prefer are ‘outcome-based’ science. To compare Food Plans, a group eating one diet is compared to another group eating another diet; both groups suffer from the same disease. They have an environment where there is no chance of cheating the outcome e.g. they spend 30 days eating the food supplied. I use the 30 days as I am convinced the human body can dramatically recover in only 30 days with a perfect really healthy food plan.

The Results of The Meta-Analysis of Food Plans

Putting aside the misinformation put out by the media, I read the study carefully and listened to the lead researcher in an interview state that my interpretation below is correct:

  • A so-called ‘balanced dіеt’ hіgh іn саrbѕ hаd thе worst оutсоmе fоr longevity.
  • A Keto dіеt high іn animal fаtѕ hаd the nеxt wоrѕt оutсоmе for longevity.
  • A ѕо-саllеd bаlаnсеd dіеt lоw іn саrbѕ hаd the next wоrѕt outcome.
  • A Kеtо-Vegan diet hаd thе bеѕt оutсоmе fоr longevity.


Eаtіng a Kеtо-vеgаn dіеt rісh іn uр tо 30 different kіndѕ оf рlаnt fооdѕ, nuts, seed, pulses аnd hеаlthу fаtѕ ѕuсh as оlіvе оіl аnd сосоnut оіl еtс іѕ the hеаlthіеѕt, according to the review.

Not Popular with Paleo

This may not be popular with those who eat starchy carbs and those who eat animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs – but that is the results. I would love to see outcome-based studies for ‘Food Plans’ for groups with a specific disease to see which one gives the fastest results but this would be a very expensive study unless the whole thing was done by volunteers.

Fewer Animals, Grains and Cereals – More Trees

Of course, I have written many times that the planet needs the trillions of trees that have been cut down for farming of animals and growing cereals to be replanted to help restore the environment and climate for humans (Africa and Australia are critical for this).

The only way for this to happen is to take the huge amounts of land and water used for animal and cereal farming for tree planting. You don’t need to be a scientist for this as just simple mathematics can prove this. For example, Animal farming is creating water shortages, and rivers are disappearing (it takes nearly 1000 pints of water to make 1 pint of milk and up to 2500 gallons for 1lb of meat).


You need certain supplements on hand to prevent or deal with an infection instantly, before it goes too far. I take CureC Liposomal Vitamin C every day and DIP to protect myself for this reason.