Health News (Week 34 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

I am on vacation this week, as usual, with the grandchildren before they start school and college for the next part of their education. This year we also have our new addition Jacob, who if you read my newsletters, came as a result of our fertility program. We are once again taking everyone to Center Parcs (UK) to ‘have some fun’. Of course I have Wi-Fi in my lodge for your questions.

Please accept this article (previously published) for the news this week. I will be back to normal for the next 51!

I have included the Pet & Animal brochure at the bottom for you to download.

This is for all animal and pet owners………….

Animals give us so much: companionship, entertainment and, of course, unconditional love.

If we care about our own health, we should also be concerned for their nutritional wellbeing. In the case of supplements, it’s been widely demonstrated they can be very beneficial in a variety of animal conditions.

And as far as we know, animals don’t have imagination, which makes them ideal candidates for proving that supplements ‘work’. There is no place in their world for the so-called placebo effect.

Dogs changed by pet supplements

When Rosie, Susan’s Shih Tzu dog developed lymphatic cancer, enlarged nodes in Rosie’s throat constricted her ability to swallow. Susan gave her BetaFactor, a supplement for boosting the immune system, with protease and carotene supplements. Within a month, the nodes had shrunk and by August her little dog was pronounced ‘in remission’. Says Susan: “Imagine my amazement when at the beginning of October her blood test came back completely normal!” Rosie went on to live for another two happy years.

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Julia’s terrier suffers from arthritis in his back leg. He was in great pain. “In less than a month on SerraPet he can now go on nice long walks and the muscle is building up. I am going to tell my vet about SerraPet,” says Julia.

Another helpful supplement for joint and inflammation problems is CurcuminX4000, which in India’s system of Ayurvedic medicine has been recognized for thousands of years as a superior detoxifying and circulation herb.

Cat success story

This is a testimonial we had in for a cat – “Sheba, has had a long-term problem with polyps in her right ear. Apart from acute irritation these are apt to grow until they reach the eardrum. An operation is very invasive. After several months on SerraPet I took her for a check-up and to my delight the vet declared them ‘contained’. I hope, with continued use, they will shrink significantly.”

More about SerraPet…

SerraPet is serrapeptase for animals and provides all the amazing benefits that serrapeptase provides for humans.

Vets have been using SerraPet enzymes for arthritis and many other animal conditions and the results are more than encouraging.

SerraPet does not require a prescription and costs far less than conventional medicines. No side effects are recorded and pain relief seems to be almost total.

It can help to support:

  • Healthier Lungs, Sinus & Mucus problems
  • Healthier Joints & Tendons
  • Inflammation (after Surgery, Injury)
  • Relief from Swelling & Trauma
  • Scar Tissue, Cysts, Mastitis
  • + MUCH more

Ann had stunning results with SerraPet. Her 16 year old cat Clipsee experienced discomfort when her hindquarters stiffened and she lost mobility in her tail. She also became incontinent. After two months on SerraPet, she is out and about all the time and the leakage has stopped.

Ann dares to hope she’ll even regain some hearing as well. “It’s really as if time has rolled back!” she says.

This is a testimonial I received on my Facebook page for a St.Bernard dog:

Over the course of several months my St. Bernard dog developed a huge softish lump on one of his front elbows – about a year ago. Getting rather concerned yet reluctant to have a vet do tests and drugs, as a trial l put him on Serrapeptase… just one a day, and after a couple of months the lump had completely disappeared and has never returned.

I’ve been taking Serrapeptase myself for over a year, but without suffering any major conditions l can’t ‘see’ what the benefits are. But having witnessed how this worked on my dog l have no doubts whatsoever that Serrapeptase works!


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This horse was helped with silver…

Wounds that won’t heal and infections that don’t clear up are increasing problems in today’s world as resistance to standard antibiotics develops in both humans and animals. Hydrosol Silver is an amazing tissue healing agent and an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and health promoting substance.

Kirsty’s 19 year old horse was wounded so badly the vet suggested putting her down. She refused and gave her equine friend SerraPet and Hydrosol Silver. “The results are amazing,” she says. “There is no scarring and the hair has grown back. Now I have a reputation with my horse riding friends for producing my Hydrosol bottle at the first sign of infection.”

Silver is available in either a Spray or a Gel. Put the spray into the drinking water or apply the gel to the wound.

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The “super line-up of supplements” for horses, cats and dogs is all shown in the new animal brochure, which you can get by clicking here to download and read. All of these supplements are safe for animals to take.

For any questions feel free to contact me Here. I will answer as soon as possible and in strict confidence.

Look after your pets and animals!