Health News (Week 31 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

I would like to put your mind at rest and so I am going to give you some really scary things to consider. No, I am not crazy but I presume you’re a thinker since you are following me. Anyone following me must think ‘outside the box’ to make sense of what I say because it contradicts almost everything you may have heard in your life

Life Is A Risk

Being born was a risk, the first few months of life have a greater risk. Standing on your own two feet was a risk, climbing up on furniture, trees and even walking downstairs were risks. Learning to swim and later swimming on your own, all have risks.

As you get older and are allowed out on your own, the risks are still there. Even in your teens, the risks from death and injury do not go away. They may change or increase, depending upon your lifestyle

The Good News

The good news is that in western countries the risk of premature death of infants under one-year-old has fallen around 60% from 1980 to 2016.

The risk of death of all children aged one-four, five to fourteen and fifteen to nineteen, fell dramatically from 1980 to 2016, except, the fifteen-nineteen deaths started to rise again after 2013.

The death rates for those under one is still by far the highest compared to children in any other age group. In my Fertility eBook, I cover what you can do to help increase fertility and also the health of a developing foetus to a baby in the womb.

The Big Risks

As adults, as we age, there is a natural increasing risk of death, but we may put ourselves at greater risk of premature by our lifestyle. These are just some factors that can increase the risk of premature death (not in any particular order):

  • Being a male, males aged 15-19 are twice as likely to die compared to females and males also have a shorter life expectancy age than females
  • *Smoking
  • *Alcohol
  • *Narcotic Drugs
  • *Pharmaceutical Drugs (AKA Medicines)
  • *Consuming Junk and highly processed foods
  • *Not consuming sufficient fresh organic foods
  • *Not supplementing essential missing nutrients
  • *Too much sitting and not enough walking
  • *Not drinking enough pure water
  • *Not getting enough rest and sleep
  • Driving cars
  • Crossing the road
  • Dangerous sports and activities and more.

As I said, life is a risk. All of the above have a risk of premature death and males need to be extra careful. The risk of many of these can, however, be reduced with intelligent planning.

Risk of Death from Disease

I will not stop saying the cause of the death from the conditions in the table below (and most other conditions) are mainly caused by taking too many lifestyle risks from the * items in the list above. i.e. Not following a healthy lifestyle plan.

These figures in my table are taken from the mess of official figures which will probably take a couple of years to reflect the real risks as the reporting of CV-19 has been largely falsified. However, using my table and the world cause by death graph below, you can see the real risks we need to be worried about (other than Bill Gates and Dr Fauci’s Vacs.) include; heart disease/strokes, respiratory diseases like COPD, diabetes and Alzheimer’s


World Death and Year

Heart Disease / Strokes

15 million yearly average

COPD/Respiratory Diseases, Tuberculosis

7 million average


1.7 million


1.7 million


650,000 19/20


650,000 yearly average

You can see from the table above and the fairly accurate world graph below that the real scary causes of premature death are Heart Disease and Cancer. Both mainly caused by the *lifestyle factors indicated above.

CV-19 and Flu figures are high, inflated guesses but, in any case, they are likely to go down.

If the CV-19 and Flu figures continue to go up, then the other conditions in the tables will come down i.e. someone who actually died of COPD may have shown ‘CV-19 symptoms’ and this is then put down (incorrectly) as the cause of death.

It is, however, my prediction that the world figures for deaths by cause for 2020 will be approximately the same as 2017.

CV-19 Risks

The risk of dying from CV-19 is very low at any age. Even or those who are not following a healthy lifestyle plan detailed in my newsletter last week are at very low risk.

In the age group 0 to 60 the risk is almost zero unless the person has a serious health condition but even these figures are not significant if they are following a healthy lifestyle plan.

The number of people dying in the age group 60 to 100 are claimed to be higher by the authorities but again these are always people who are not following a healthy lifestyle plan.

In other words, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. (and the Gates Gang Vacs. of course).

In Spain, all those aged over 65 are recommended to have a Vacs. against flu.

I posted a study from Spain a few days ago which showed:

85% of the people that have died from CV-19, had a Vacs. against flu in the previous 6 months.

It would be interesting to see if this correlation was the same in all western countries.

I am 74 and never had a Flu vaccination but to be clear I have followed my healthy lifestyle plan for around 20 years.

Even more interesting is your feedback on this. Send to

To be clear I am not addressing those ‘at risk’ who do not plan to follow my healthy lifestyle plan. They are risking their future.

Those ‘at risk’, or no risk, who follow my healthy lifestyle plan are the ones ensuring a healthy future.

The Gates Gang have terrorized the world and paid off the Corporate Media. This includes the BBC and Social Media to terrorize the world. Without this, we would all be considering this another bad flu year as we went on our way to work. But now the World Economy is in ruins no matter who will tell the truth.

In other words, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. (and the Gates Gang of course)

Lastly: for those who want disease figures for their own country here is a great website link. Simply choose the condition, then click on your country.


Plan to get healthy and use my list of risks to exclude as many as possible, one by one to increase your life expectancy and lower your risk of premature death.

You can start with your diet and supplementing some key missing nutrients through my suggestions below.

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