Health News (Week 29- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

I read dozens of studies every week and when I read this I could hardly believe my eyes…

Apparently, nearly 70 per cent of patients who visit their doctor’s surgery complain of feeling low, anxious or tired all the time. Good doctors prescribe blood tests to check for anaemia, low levels of Iron, B Vitamins etc. But the study shows everything normal in the majority of cases. Not so good doctors prescribe dangerous psychological drugs with side effects that are quite horrifying.

I have been aware of this problem for a very long time both in myself and in your feedback. In myself, I previously solved it by simply taking three plant extracts. The results were so good a year ago I formulated all three into one capsule and called it RealFocus. I called it this because that’s the best way I can describe the results I get when I take it.

Our son and his wife are visiting us for their holiday and running around after our grandson Jake, (who, if you read my previous newsletter), was born after 20 years of failing – by following the fertility plan in my eBook. His wife, Sian, mentioned yesterday that the last year has been great since she started taking RealFocus. She copes much better, has more energy, feels brighter and less anxious. She also asked why have I not mentioned more of it in my newsletters?

So folks, here it is, the secret to feeling brighter with more energy…

The first important ingredient is KSM66 – a patented form of Ashwagandha, a plant extract. This patent guarantees a consistent purity and effectiveness. The studies show improvement in testosterone, cognition and memory, energy and stamina, weight management, muscle strength, and improved sexual function in men and women.

This means it:

  • Helps promote a healthy response to everyday stress, over-work and fatigue
  • Helps support normal levels of mental clarity, concentration and alertness
  • Helps support normal levels of vigor and performance
  • Helps enhance sports performance

The second important ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Known for its potent anti-stress, anti-depression, and anti-aging benefits. Rhodiola has long been called the “depression herb” in Russia for this reason, popularly given to aging political leaders to reduce fatigue and increase mental sharpness. Like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola is also an adaptogen that helps the body to self-balance and buffer stress. Rhodiola can be taken as a daily supplement to improve physical and mental performance, with the potential to naturally relieve depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

This means it:

  • Helps to promote a healthy ‘feel good’ response to daily challenges
  • Helps support normal levels of mental sharpness
  • Helps support normal levels of energy
  • Helps with enhancing alertness

The Last (but not least) Ingredient is L-Theanine – An amino acid found mainly in green and black tea. L-Theanine is wonderful for helping you to be more relaxed without sedating you (relaxed but alert).

This means:

  • It helps to support a healthy liver
  • Enhances mood and relaxation
  • Supports normal brain chemistry
  • Enhances and supports sleep patterns



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