Health News (Week 28 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Reported this week all over the media is a Chinese experiment to prove protons (protons are what everything is made out of) can, in effect, be in two places at once. They call it “proton entanglement

Science Magazine ( wrote, “China’s quantum satellite achieves ‘spooky action’ at record distance”. Scientists are going crazy at the possibility of super-fast instant communication around earth (maybe between earth and the moon or even mars).

So, What’s In It For You?

Well not much. Who cares if they can make super-fast communications around this planet or even to other planets. It may make a lot of money for mega corporations to become even more powerful but is that good for you?

We Have Quantum For You!

Last week’s newsletter title was “Life May Never Be The Same” and that is my goal for you. While lifestyle and supplements can help you to become super healthy we now know that our genes and faults in our DNA can put us at a disadvantage.

We are working with our Genius Native American Quantum Physicist on Quantum solutions for many and varied benefits as well as simply health problems. I expect to be able to announce them over the coming months. QuantoGram Technology solutions will give you the advantage.

Combined with the correct lifestyle changes and supplements you can join me in my quest to stay healthy for all of our lives. How long will that be? Well I am 71 now and have a 30-year plan ahead. I have promised my wife Anne that my hope is to retire after that and do some serious travelling.

Over the coming months I will be introducing you to Quantum devices that are beneficial to your health directly and indirectly. Each device has been tested by me or for me, before I recommend them.

However, We Have Other Health Problems…

We have real problems right here on earth RIGHT NOW. Our towns and cities are polluted with exhaust fumes from vehicles. The politicians are making speeches full of platitudes while our children are being poisoned by toxins in the fumes.

Electric cars are promised as the great solution but even a 10 year old with a calculator can work out that families cannot all afford to purchase a brand new electric car. Weren’t we told 20 years ago to go out and buy the new “SAFER” diesel cars?!!!

Not to mention the fact that the power grids are incapable of supplying the huge amount of electricity needed for millions of extra electric cars. Batteries are a great source of pollution in themselves but we’ll talk about that problem in due course. In effect, countries already on the edge would be bankrupted if they go the electric car route.

You Can Have The Solution Right Now!

Without bankrupting you and your country you can be a Quantum Pioneer to:

  • Help clean up the towns and cities
  • Make towns and cities a safer place for children
  • Lower your fuel bills
  • Campaign for all towns and cities to make clean exhausts mandatory and inexpensive.

Join me now before Crazy Politicians bankrupt us. How?

  1. I need a number of PIONEERS from all walks of life (including multi vehicle use businesses) to help with our research by fitting a QuantoGram Pure Combustion Device to their vehicles (private or commercial).
  2. You need to keep a record over 3 months of the fuel you use compared to the previous three months showing the savings.
  3. Give me ongoing feedback of your experience so we can refine the user and fitting instructions.
  4. Allow me to use this information to lead a campaign for all cars to be fitted with this device to both clean up the environment while substantially reducing the amount of fuel needed .
  5. I would also invite you to write to every mayor and government department to demand action right now.

My Offer To You:

  • A 30% discount coupon* to use at checkout, enter 500pioneers
  • Our 5 Star Guarantee promise is that your investment is repaid within 6 months if driven at least 12,500 km (8000 miles) of savings and our awesome 5 years replacement guarantee.
  • Your testimonial in our Pioneers Blog on

To be a Quantum Pioneer simply Click Here to order your Pure Combustion Device and enter your discount code 500pioneers

Those who have already purchased one can also join this group by simply contacting us to register youself as a QUANTUM PIONEER and arrange your 30% refund.

QuantoGram is a device that cuts the harmful emissions from cars, buses and trucks. It also cuts the amount of fuel you use from 10% up to 40% depending upon the age of the engine.

However, 15% reduction is guaranteed.

*Please note, your 30% discount coupon is only valid until we have our pioneers in place.

To improve the environment for our children especially in towns and cities is a wonderful thing but even better when it saves a ton of money in expensive fuel costs.

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The PCD is available to mail out now.

In the next 14 days I plan to broadcast a live Internet Video where I will be explaining QuantoGram Technology but also demonstrating the world’s first live demonstration of the power of Quantum Energy. Watching this live you can take part in this demonstration and feel its effects.


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A clean environment both from noxious gases as well as WIFI/EMF is essential for you and your children’s healthy futures.

Your 30% discount coupon is only valid until we have the required Pioneers.

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