Health News (Week 27 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

In my newsletters, I introduce you to many new natural health solutions which you many never have heard of. In reality they are not new, they have been around from many years (maybe thousands), they are natural biology, and really, they are simply just new to you because you may have been misled by the medical/pharma business.

Many of my readers tell me after following my health plans that life is much better than they ever thought possible after being failed by the medical system.

After building up such trust I have always taken great care never to abuse that trust, nor ever say anything that I could not prove or at least 100% believe. Now I really need your trust because what I am about to tell you is difficult to understand…….

Life Will Never Be the Same

When I started at college some 55 years ago studying electricity and electronics I clearly remember the lecturer making very clear that he would be teaching what electricity, magnetism and semiconductors do, how they do it and how to design things to make them do it. What he then said has stuck in my mind for the last 55 years.

He said, “Scientists do not know what electricity or magnetism or gravity are”, and he said, “do not believe anyone who says they know”. He said, people may have opinions because they are in everyday use and many people cannot cope with unanswered questions and so they say their opinions are facts. I want to introduce you to another energy that has lots of opinions but we really do not know how it works, Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics

You may have heard of Quantum Mechanics in the media and definitely in SciFi TV and film. You may have thought it was simply a figment of someone’s imagination and it has no reality in real life. Well it does. Not sometime in the future but is available right now.

Over the coming months I will be introducing you to Quantum devices that are beneficial to your health directly and indirectly. Each device has been tested by me or for me, before I recommend them.

QuantoGram PCD (Pure Combustion Device)

The first one is a device that cuts the harmful emissions from cars, buses and trucks. It also cuts the amount of fuel you use from 15% up to 40% depending upon the age of the engine.

The 15% reduction is guaranteed.

To improve the environment for our children especially in towns and cities is a wonderful thing but even better when it saves a ton of money in expensive fuel costs.

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The PCD is available now and the PhoneGuard and SafeHouse are available on a 14-21 day, delivery.

In the next 14 day days I plan to broadcast a live Internet TV Video where I will be explaining QuantoGram Technology in more detail but also demonstrating the world’s first live demonstration of the power of Quantum Energy. Watching this live you can take part in this demonstration and feel its effects.

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A clean environment both from noxious gases as well as WIFI/EMF is essential for your, and your children’s, healthy futures.