Health News (Week 25 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

Last weeks Heart Newsletter created so many questions that I thought I would share some with you. I must find a way to post them all so everyone can follow up on the answers to such questions. In the meantime they have been slightly edited, to help make sure that they are clear to everyone.

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First question is from Diane in New Zealand……………..

Q. Is serrapeptase good for lowering blood pressure and if so what is the recommended dose. My blood pressure has slowly increased to 150 -160 over 85. I am 68 years old. Thank you. Diane.

A. Diane, You need more than simply serrapeptase as there are various causes of HBP. The supplements below will cover all of the possible causes and will help: relaxation, healthy blood flow and dilated blood vessels: 1. BlockBusterAllclear 2 caps x 3 times per day, 30mins before each meal 2. RelaxWell 1 caps x 2 times per day 3. HealthyFlow. 2 teaspoons x 2 times per day Be sure to follow the Really Healthy Foods plan to make absolutely sure.

Q. Hi Robert, How is your friend doing with her heart problems? You said you would update us on her decision and if your advised remedy worked. Heard nothing. Can you please send an update regarding this.
Regards Terry

A. Terry, I guess you mean my friend of 50 years with the heart and bone problem? She had everything that she needed but unfortunately decided to stay with the same plan from the doctors, who got her into the mess she is in. Not only that but since then a close relative of hers has needed a stent they also went with the doctors plan. The same doctor who made a complete mess of putting his life at risk. I am very sad and all I can do is hope they both makes it.

Q. Hi Robert, my stents became blocked within six weeks of having them done. I take 1 aspirin a day I had to stop the clopidogrel and the statins as I had an allergic reaction. I started taking the serrapeptase last week and do find some relief but not enough mind you its only been a week first signs are encouraging. I also take a supergreen mix of spirulina, barley grass, chlorella and wheat grass once a day along side water with bicarb several times a day. I had cervical cancer and had a full hysterectomy and it was then that they discovered that my back injury was actually a sadle embolism in the abdomen hence the inability to walk. I’m 52 years old and smoke something I’m struggeling to quit with. I live in a town house so every room I want to go in requires climbing stairs and this is so difficult for me I’m now in a wheelchair as I can’t even walk to the end of my road now. I can’t quite believe that I’m actually worse than before I had the stents. The serrapeptase has helped with the pins and needles and my breathing I have ordered the combination of serrapeptase and nattokinase. Could you please help advise me on what I should be doing regarding the quantity I should be taking and anything else I could do to help.
Regards Katrina

A. Katrina, Here is the full plan and the actions. Check out the actions. Let me know which of the actions you are doing and any questions on the things you are not doing.

 Q. Dear. Mr Redfern, blessings to you. Regarding the HartGard and Taurine spray, are those sprays done once a day, or should they be spread out throughout the day please?
Thank you again.

A. Ernie, try to split them into two doses of 3 sprays x 2 times over the day.

Q. Hello , I was wondering if what I do is right . I take 2 pills SerraPlus+ and one Serranol 3 times a day for the first week and after breakfast 2 pills Krill Miracle. Is it ok taking SerraPlus+ pill with Serranol same time?
Paul location: GR

A. Yes very good. It is OK to take them together.

Q. My sister just started taking Serrapeptase and wants to know if it is okay to continue taking 400 IU of Vitamin E and also Vitamin C with it. She was also told that she should not be taking Omega 3’s while on Serrapeptase but I’m not aware that this is true. Thanks so much for the info.
Joan location: CA

A. Joan, It is Ok to take Serrapeptase 30mins before eating each meal and the Vitamin E and C with the meal. It is essential to also take the Omega 3 and take it also with the meal.

Q. Dear Robert My 92-year old father is skin and bone yet eats extremely healthily. He has steadily lost weight over the years but it has recently got so bad that he is now very weak and frail. The problem is that he takes aspirin to prevent any more mini-strokes occurring, and I gather this has an impact on his nutrient absorption. I have suggested to my mother (90 in August and his very capable carer!) that, in addition to his good meals, she administers a fortified drink and a collagen drink each day, which she has recently been doing. For a short time she took him off the aspirin but the doctor insists it is vital he keeps taking it.
My father, though very old and now frail, has a good quality of life and despite his frailty is very happy and content. I would therefore be most grateful if you can offer any ideas or advice as to what we should be doing and if it would be possible to get more weight on him. I always read your emails with great interest.
With best regards Petrina

A. Petrina, The healthy alternatives to aspirin are: BlockBusterAllClear 1 cap x 4 times per day, 30mins before eating and the last one at bedtime.
HealthyFlow 2 teaspoons x 2 times per day Prescript Assist 1 cap x 2 times per day will restore his absorption of nutrients.
Good healthy meals do not include the list below and so compare to what he is eating:

Q. Hello: I have very high cholesterol and have been on Simvastatin for almost 3 years. I have been having vagus nerve issues (possible gastropersis, headaches from atlas, low heart rate 40-45, etc). I just decided to go off the statins for the next few months at least to see if that might help.
I have been on 20mg of Simvastatin and here are my latest numbers. Total 299, LDL 163, HDL 118, Trig 90, Glucose 77 Male, Age = 49, Height 6’0, Weight 180, non smoker
I am afraid that when I go off the statin, that the number will shoot up. It has been as high as 387 in the past. I do generally eat a healthy diet (no soda, no candy, no fried foods, etc). I sit in front of a desk 10 hours a day, but do run 3 miles 3x a week. I have tried Red Rice yeast and Niacin in the past but it didn’t seem to help. Also, I have been on very strict diets and they only help a little, and with my numbers that doesn’t even make a dent. Any help would be appreciated?
If there is additional info or data that I left out, please let me know.
Mark US

A. Mark, High cholesterol is not a marker of poor health. Just as many people with low cholesterol are prone to disease as with high cholesterol. Homocysteine is a better marker. Did you get my newsletter on this?
I stand at my computer 16hrs per day and running will not alleviate the damage done by sitting down so much. Sitting down is for more than 3hrs per day is bad for your health. Put a large box on your desk to raise yourself to standing.
This is a healthy diet and carbs are the food that will damage high cholesterol: If you eat this diet and still get high numbers then you like me have a genetic high number and it is not big deal if eating a really healthy diet.

Q. Robert, I have been taking serrapeptase for about three weeks. I have developed a difficulty in breathing. Having regard for my condition, namely, emphysema and having undergone a quadruple bypass operation, which I have previously advised, could the serrapeptase have initiated my breathing problem…..? There has been no change in my chest x-ray and I don’t have an infection.
Regards, Norm. Au

A. Norm, Serrapeptase could not cause breathing problems and in fact it will ease breathing problems. Did the doctor say you did not have an infection? Let me know from the plan link below what you are doing and the amounts so I can get a full idea.

Q. Hello Robert, A couple of months ago I had an echocardiogram, the specialist, a lung doctor, who had referred me for it said all was normal, but when I asked to have a printout of the results I read that there is mild dysfunction of the left ventricle and trivial regurgitation of the tricuspid valve. I do not know why the doctor did not tell me himself of this so I could have asked questions. Now I feel in a limbo and do not know what to do about it and if I should be concerned at all. What is your opinion?
As a child I suffered from a rheumatic fever, now as an adult in my 58 I have been suffering with asthma and bronchiectasis, in the past I had an overactive thyroid, prior to have this diagnosis I had tachicardia for two years, which is a symptom for hyperactive thyroid. From time to time also my blood pressure goes up but the doctor does not think there is any cause for concern.
I also wanted to ask about vit. K, can I still take it though I bruise very easily due to fragile capillaries? I am taking at the moment Serranol, can I still take vit. D3 with K2 spray, I am asking because Serranol has vit. D3. Many thanks, and look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards, Orsola

A. Orsola, I recommend: BlockBusterAllclear, HealthyFlow ,Ancient Minerals Magnesium OIL ULTRA, Nascent Iodine Drops, Vitamin D3/K2, and CurcuminX4000
The Really Healthy Foods is a very critical diet and please stay with it.

Q. Hi Robert Thank you for taking time to answer my question. A few years ago I took a test at a hospital that did an MRI or CT scan of my heart. Sorry but I don’t remember which test it was but the results said that I had calcification in my arteries. Up until now I wasn’t sure what I could do about it.
I’m 52 and am in generally pretty good health. I’m not overweight and have no symptoms that would indicate any heart problems. What I want to do is thoroughly clean my arteries before I do start having problems.
I want to take a fairly high dose of your SerraEnzyme. I’d like to start at your recommended 9 per day and add 3 – 4 more per day until I reach 21 per day. I also would like to take the B4 Health Spray at the same time. Could you tell me how to best incorporate taking those two products together?
Thanks again Doug

A. Doug, There are three choices:
Basic Plan
Advanced Plan
Ultimate Plan
I suggest the Basic Plan with the B4Health Sublingual Spray
The Really Healthy Foods diet is also critical to reach your goal.

Q. Dear Robert thanks for the email on stents or no stents. I am due for a stent procedure soon. I have one Artery blocked by 65%, I would rather unblock it the natural way by using blockbuster etc , would it work and how long would it take? I am a London taxicab driver and I cannot afford a lot of time off work and I still have to prove to the carriage office that I am fit for work, I am in a bit of a pickle really. I have started on blockbuster 4 days ago taking one a day plus a multi vit. I am on blood pressure tabs and anti-platelet medication as well. I welcome some advice from you.
Thank you Francis London

A. Francis, Stents are not a choice as they don’t make any difference and they don’t help you to live any longer. There are three real choices to get healthy but you must included the diet:
Basic Plan
Advanced Plan – Only if you can afford it.
Ultimate Plan – Only if you can afford it.
I suggest the Basic Plan with the B4Health Sublingual Spray

The Really Healthy Foods diet is also critical and is not optional to reach your goal of carrying on working as a cab driver.

These are just a few of the 50 to 100 emails I get each day and trust you feel confident and will ask for help whenever you need it.

PS. Do review the eBook and please let me have your feedback. If you missed the link earlier click here for a free download of Improving Heart Disease in 30 Days.