Health News (Week 23 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

You may ask, “what’s resveratrol?” You may have heard of, or taken, grape seed, otherwise known as OPCs. The weird thing is it turns out that an important part of the grape – the skin was being left behind! The grape skin contains an exciting antioxidant known as resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring antioxidant that has many benefits including decreasing the “stickiness” of blood platelets and helping blood vessels to remain open. In addition, resveratrol may be helpful in the treatment of breast diseases. Also, studies indicate that resveratrol can inhibit glucose uptake and may prevent or abate metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

In controlled studies, resveratrol may have been shown to reduce skin-cancer tumours by up to 98% and to stop production of leukaemia cells. It may even halt the spread of cancer throughout the body.

In 2003, the results of a study were released that showed that the benefits of resveratrol may extend lifespan by as much as 70% by activating a “longevity gene” expressed during caloric restriction.

Fasting or caloric restriction is known to extend the lifespan of mammals, and scientists studied this on humans by supplementing with resveratrol to be able to receive the same longevity benefits of caloric restriction. Resveratrol subsequently hit the news for its potential ability to extend life. Resveratrol, however, is not easily available from grape skin and the most easily available source is Japanese Knotweed.

Another concern is the question of bioavailability. Pure trans-resveratrol tends not to have good bio-availability because it is rapidly metabolized by the liver. When delivered as a liposomal and left to absorb in the mouth it quickly enters the bloodstream and gets to work.

In the BrainPower formulation it has been combined with liposomal Curcumin making a truly disease fighting dynamic duo. It’s especially useful for the very young or very old with its pleasant taste and ability to avoid the problems involved with taking tablets or capsules. Being able to absorb in the mouth, it particularly helps the brain, mouth and throat diseases as well as the whole body. BrainPower™ can be taken as a preventative as well as a therapeutic solution in the case of serious problems.

Sublingual Supplements

Sublingual supplements are taken into the mouth and swished around for a few minutes so that most of it is absorbed before swallowing. Up to 9x more is absorbed when compared to tablets and capsules. There is a whole range of sublinguals ideal for those who have problems with tablets and caps or who simply just prefer to get their benefits faster.

MaxiFocus – Support optimal eye health with 24 super-nutrients and antioxidants that absorb at least 900 percent better than tablets. These liposomal nutrients will, in most cases, reach the eye in only 2 minutes.

CureC – Get more highly concentrated liposomal C into the bloodstream without the side effects often associated with other forms of vitamin C at high doses.

BrainPower – Sharpen brain health with a powerful combo of liposomal curcumin and resveratrol and increase nutrient blood serum levels significantly.

B4Health – Improve essential B vitamin delivery using a superior liposomal system that is up to 9x more absorbent than capsules.

Vitamin D3-K2 – Receive maximum absorption and more immune support when taking a dynamic duo of vitamins: liposomal K2 and D3.

ACZ Zeolite – Strip toxic heavy metals and free radicals without stripping vital nutrients: Extra-strength zeolite nanoparticles excrete impurities through urine and are tested to reach peak mercury detox in just 4 days.

HydroSol Silver — Boost immunity with stable, effective, and uniquely patented silver nanoparticles backed by seven different safety studies, proven to be one of the most effective silver products available.

ACG Glutathione – Use liposomal delivery to increase intracellular levels of the body’s most important antioxidant, glutathione, by over 10 percent in only 7 hours.

Taurine — Nourish retinal cells and protect the eyes against UV light with expedited liposomal amino acid delivery.

ACS Silver — Kill 99.9999 percent of pathogens with highly energised silver nanoparticles that perform better than colloidal silver. Also backed by seven different safety studies and can be used daily to improve immunity, fight infection, and strengthen skin health for adults and children.


Nascent Iodine will absorb quickly in the mouth but needs to be added to a little water rather than taking it neat in the mouth.