Health News (Week 20 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern


Just for clarity, I am following this science:

  1. That CV is just another of those CV epidemics that come around occasionally and tests how well we have been looking after our health.
  2. All germs are not our enemy and in fact, over half our body consists of bacteria or microbes. We couldn’t survive without all these microbes. Surprisingly, one you may have heard of is E. coli bacteria which lives in our digestive system. E. coli is one bacteria without which we cannot survive. The E. coli you may have heard causing food poisoning is a toxic form probably from intensive animal farming.

Since over half our body consist of resident germs that over time has become essential for our good health, ‘healthy people’ need to look after these germs as well as our body’s immune system.

Healthy people have nothing to worry about with epidemics.

  1. We get ‘healthy’ by ‘4 critical’ lifestyle actions:
    1. Consuming all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that ‘should’ come from really healthy foods. (It is no longer in foods and supplements are needed)
    2. Our body, when exposed to sunlight, manufactures many critical nutrients such as D3. This nutrient is in some foods such as mushrooms. Only supplements can deliver the 10’s of thousands of IU that would generally come from maximum skin exposure to the sun.
    3. It is consuming more of these resident friendly bacteria (probiotics) that would typically come from unwashed plants eaten raw.
    4. We are breathing correctly to obtain the correct intake of oxygen and clearing carbon dioxide. Proper oxygenation can only happen when we are walking, standing or laying down. Lung respiration does not function efficiently to take enough oxygen when sitting down.
  2. When a new epidemic comes around, science says that ‘healthy people’ have an immune system that can deal with new germs by what is known as herd immunity. This immunity only works by being exposed over our lifetime and especially by more international travel.
  3. There are a group of people who for various reason are (at risk) such as people in end-of-days care homes.
    These are especially at risk since they do not have access to the ‘4 critical’ lifestyle actions and include: People at any age with poor finances, obesity, bad diet or bad advice and lack of support by the health authorities.
    Such groups cannot afford or do not have the information, or support for the ‘4 critical’ lifestyle actions will keep them strong and healthy. ‘at risk’ people. They need to be ‘protected’ from infected people while in-care or cared for in closed hotels until the epidemic. This group can never be fully protected until they have the ‘4 critical’ actions.

To be clear:

  • The less you and your family pay attention to the ‘4 critical’ health actions, the more at risk for any disease and especially epidemics.
  • The more you stay away from other people epidemics, the weaker your immune system will become.
  • The more children are away from other children, the weaker their immune system will become.
  • The Older you get, the more critical it is to pay attention to the ‘4 critical’ actions to not be in the ‘at risk’ group.

My apologies to readers around the world but, I am using actual figures from the UK. I do see the statistics and trends from other countries, and they are very similar. The Establishment Politicians, the Corporate Media, and the Pharma/Medical Cartel are all ‘on message’.

Political and Corporate Media Lies.

I have the feeling that this subject is not going away anytime soon. What we now have is a World War 3 situation. The Establishment Politicians, the Corporate Media, and the Pharma/Medical Cartel may have declared war on the populations of the western countries and using the excuse, ‘it is for your good’. They have either brainwashed the politicians and senior medical people in each Country to join them or recruiting them.

I believe they have done this to curtail the freedoms we have come to enjoy as well to enslave us via pharmaceutical drugs. The evidence is all around.

Except for a few countries such as Sweden, the rest of the western world is in some planned Lockdown/house arrest. The first countries to submit to lockdown was Italy and Spain. Both had been ruled by Fascist Dictators in the lifetimes of many of their citizens. This experience may have been the reason they submitted quickly. It then led the way for other countries to follow their lead.

My wife Anne and me were visiting our family in Australia when it all kicked off, but luckily we were due to fly back to the UK via Hong Kong airport. It was bizarre as we were the only people walking through the airport without masks. I say we cleared Australia luckily as they have some of the most draconian lockdown laws comparable only with Italy and Spain.

Only the USA Citizens are kicking back with some States rejecting lockdown and others whose residents actively protesting about this plan. A few other countries, such as Germany large groups of citizens are protesting. The problem is the Corporate Media are hiding this kickback.

Amazingly in a poll, the UK residents voted that lockdown was a good thing. I don’t know if this was a fair poll, but I can testify that a high proportion of our neighbours are revelling in the lockdown. Some are even reporting neighbours to the authorities.

From January to the middle of March 2020, the number of total UK deaths was around the 5-year average. This period was much lower than in 2018, the worst year for deaths. Only a few dozen of those weekly deaths were officially designated as CV, according to the official stats. The Corporate Media were intimating; there were vast numbers of deaths from CV. Then over the next five weeks, it jumped up quickly around 5000 extra deaths per week. Thankfully it is dropping just as fast. The final figures are likely to show that 2020 will be only slightly more than the previous 2018 worst statistics in the last five years shown in grey.

What happened in these weeks to cause this jump in deaths? Was it the use of Ventilators? Several published papers have noted ventilators make CV death risks soar. One report suggests the comparison was 76.4% vs. 19.8% (18-65) and 97.2% vs. 26.6% (65+).

These papers indicate the panic to start using ventilators in hospitals was the cause of a four-fold increase in deaths.

Despite some doctors saying ventilators were killing people, their use continued. I suspect their un-publicised decrease in use indicates a reduction of deaths.

My Recommendations

The death rate of ‘at risk’ people could have been reduced to practically zero by either giving them proper nourishment and nutrition (Vitamin C and D3) and safely isolating them in care homes or hotels. With medical staff on hand for testing.

Other than being killed by the inappropriate use of ventilators, deaths of most of ‘at risk’ people in the April/May spike are caused by:

  • The health authorities not correctly isolating them
  • The health authorities not giving them proper nourishment, and in many cases
  • The health authorities not giving them proven IV treatments such as sodium bicarbonate, Vitamin C, A, D3, H2O2, hyperbaric oxygen, CPAP machines or Ozone.

You will find many doctors around the world being censored if they publish their almost 100% success giving these treatments.

W.H.O. Tells Lies?

Just in case you watch Prime Mister Johnson (Or Dr Fauci) on TV my comments are?
Yes, I know World Health Organisation W.H.O. tells lies but does the UK Prime Minister Johnson? Johnson said:

1. Every other Country shows that lockdown works?

Worldwide studies show it does not.

2. Social distancing works?
Worldwide studies show it does not, and it will cause a more significant problem
as a result of less herd immunity.

3. Possible 500,000 fatalities?
Prof. Neil Ferguson in the UK probably gave him this figure. Ferguson had
previously said up to 65,000iu could die from Bird Flu, and in fact, 457 died from
it. To be fair, this was before W.H.O. gave a false code U07.2. for Fake CV.
diagnosis W.H.O. also started persuading doctors to possibly lie about the cause of
death EG dying OF rather than WITH CV.

Also, many other scientists around the world consider that at best, Ferguson is not up to the job or deliberately misleading (AKA lying).

I am starting a new web site so I can post all of the studies and doctors results banned by Corporate Media as well as the studies I use for my articles. Try in a week or so.

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