Health News (Week 2 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

Last week I wrote about Restarting Your Life but this week I want to discuss starting a new life. A couple of weeks ago I showed off our new grandson Jacob (grandparents are allowed to do that). Since then I have had an increase in email requests asking for help with various fertility problems, including blocked fallopian tubes.

It breaks my heart when I hear of the desperation and the huge amount of money couples are forced to spend by the medical system with no guarantee of success. The fertility problems are not confined to women and I have written many times that the sperm count of men has fallen by 30% over a 25 year period.

Our daughter-in-law Sian who is the mother of Jacob said she is happy for me to tell her story so it may inspire others to follow her example. Sian, like many of today’s females, had decided to leave having babies to later in life but then had many problems with spontaneous miscarriages, which the medical system had no successful solutions for.

Like many women, Sian was getting desperate and so she started on my plan. It was not an obvious move for her as members of my family do not automatically come to me for help even though I help many thousands around the world. Sian did ask for my help and although she went onto the supplement plan, she did not take on board the diet recommendations.

The plan seemed fine and she became pregnant. Things were ok at first but then on her first scan the medics noticed a growth, which they said was probably a fibroid. She increased her iodine drops and started to follow the diet to clear this but again, she miscarried. She then decided to keep to the plan and the growth was gone in as little as 8 weeks.

Now it was time to get serious and Sian took my advice, which was that the diet was critical. She stopped all carbohydrates and sugar as well as alcohol and kept to the Really Healthy Foods plan. The supplement plan was also tightened up and improved.

Sian soon became pregnant again, and she kept to the plan and diet meticulously. This time everything went like a dream and Jacob Michael Redfern started his new life.

If you or someone you know are having problems starting a new life then this is the successful plan. urse with a professional interest and they vary from a 24 hour detox to a 30 day plan.

  1. Stop all GMO foods or meats fed on GMO feed. Studies show genetically modified foods are a cause of reproductive problems.
  2. Throw away your weapons of mass destruction (including the microwave oven).
  3. Stop all starchy carbs, high sugar foods, sugar, chemical drinks and all junk foods.
  4. Follow the really healthy foods plan at
  5. For blocked fallopian tubes take SerraPlus+
  6. For improved fertility for both men and women click here
    • Curcuminx4000
    • Nascent Iodine Drops
    • Active Life / MaxiVision™
    • Astaxanthin
    • MacaPro
    • Vitamin D3

For Fibroids you can add NatraGest but stick to the diet and the rest of the plan, especially the diet.