The End of CV? Finding A Healthy Future

I have been researching and writing about CV since the last week of February 2020. At the time, I genuinely thought it would be just a few weeks before the overreaction by the authorities in all countries was exposed and the public would demand it was stopped.

Over two years later and still the lies about the vaccines and lockdowns persist, although a report published at the end of March by the World Health Organisation is suggesting that the pandemic could end this year.

From my research, it became obvious to me that it was a carefully planned Plandemic (A planned epidemic using a manufactured CV to terrorize and subdue the world population) to bring about the ‘New World Order’ or the ‘Great Reset’.

Since then, however, I’ve moved on from this subject and want to talk about getting healthy and staying healthy. However, I just want to summarise about this topic so we can move forward and talk about real healthcare.

For New Readers

Thirty-five years ago, my mother died of lung disease at age 62 and my 64-year-old father died a short while later of cancer.

These deaths left me shocked, frustrated and confused – it drove me to research the causes of their deaths in-depth. I soon found evidence that the majority of diseases that people prematurely die from are completely preventable. I discovered evidence that these diseases are mainly caused by an unhealthy diet, lack of critical nutrients, and lifestyle factors – all of which create unhealthy bodies. I also found out that world health care was run by Big Pharma that pushed drugs and kept the majority of doctors in line.

Many of the problems are made worse with severe malnourishment – critical deficiencies in the minerals and nutrients that are crucial for maintaining good health and supporting immune health.

Since discovering this scientifically obvious, yet commonly unknown evidence, I have followed my own health plan. I celebrated my 76th birthday in January feeling truly fit and healthy, and I want all my readers to achieve the same feeling, at any age.


CV was a Plandemic. (A planned epidemic using a story about a manufactured CV to terrorize and subdue the world population).

I am explaining below why and how it was all planned, and I apologise for those of a nervous disposition but I do rate my readers as above-average intelligence, since they are inclined towards natural health rather than the Pharma alternatives.

Why in God’s Name Did ‘They’ Plan This?

God has nothing to do with this. They have also brainwashed the religious leaders around the world (or worse threatened). The Christians leaders, The Muslim Leaders, the Hindu leaders and the Buddhists leaders.

How Did They Do It?

  • By abandoning democracy and our human rights to ‘keep us safe’. Even though fewer people died last year compared to the flu epidemic of 2018.
  • They said that in order to stay safe we must do exactly as we are told, whatever they say, with no right of appeal to any court. Courts in Portugal and Belgium declared the PCR test was fake but it was still used everywhere to control populations.
  • Businesses and jobs were destroyed to ‘keep us safe’ yet it hardly affected anyone under the age of 70 and most of those people were already retired (except me). The UN knew the consequences of this and that it would kill millions. Some say this was also a part of their plan.
  • They closed schools and forced mask-wearing to keep people safe because children can spread it. Yet, we have nothing to fear from children. Healthy children and young people have nothing to fear from any CV. Lockdowns, social distancing and wearing masks is causing psychological abuse and damage, particularly to children and young people’s minds, beyond the imagination of intelligent thinking people.
  • They said we must have an unproven and unsafe experimental vaccination or we will never be allowed the freedom to travel, or possibly even work until we submit to the vaccination. The truth is that deaths and side effects from lockdowns, combined with suicides and malnutrition will soon run into millions.
  • They said that there were no other treatments for CV (which is similar to FLU deaths in 2018) but said little to nothing about high doses of D3, Vitamin C, Zinc and other well known inexpensive drugs.
  • They said we must in future have a Digital ID Passport to travel and participate in society.
  • Lastly, they said this is part of the Climate Change Plan and we must reduce the population of the planet.

Who Are ‘They’?

Bill Gates and The Deep State (this includes W.H.O., Pharma, Medical systems, Researchers in Universities receiving funding from Gates), Billionaires, The Elite, Politicians, Judges and Courts, Journalists and the Corporate Media, Police Chiefs, Military Chiefs and a huge number of the frightened populations around the world.

How Was The Plandemic Created?

A film by London Real explains in detail how they created the Plandemic and this video was immediately banned from YouTube. Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch it fully.

How Were ‘They’ Recruited and Organised To Take It Around The World?

The Deep State has been slowly taking over most countries in the world through corporate media and monetary control for the past 20 years.

Again, a film has been created to explain this but it is so complicated you may have to take time to watch it multiple times to get a full understanding. Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch.

Where Can You Go From Here?

Look after your health and look after your wealth or income. I cannot help you with your wealth, but I can help you to get and stay healthy so you can continue to earn an income.

This is what I do. I am confident that as long as you follow the plans in my books you will achieve good health and keep strong.

Nutrition is the basis of all health and combined with a healthy lifestyle you will stay strong, both physically and mentally.

Please download any of my eBooks to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you do not have any particular condition to resolve, see the basics of nutrition below. You can also call to ask to speak with our health coaches for detailed/specialised help.

Remember, we all have to get and stay strong whatever the future holds.

Do I Recommend Taking The Vaccine?


If you are forced one day to take a vaccine to get a job or a passport then wait as long as possible (a couple of years?) to review the side effects.

All premature deaths from or with CV could be prevented in a much safer way – by everyone taking 10-20,000IU of Vitamin D3, plus other nutrients. Also, by following a detailed nutritional supplement plan, whether preventing or reversing, consider solutions such as:


Please follow this through and spread the message widely.

All of these rules are detailed further in my eBooks that you can view and Download Here

1. Breathe Properly – Oxygen is the most critical element for life and health since most people cannot live more than 5 minutes without it. Oxygen is critical for healthy cells, the regeneration of your body and is the essential fuel for your immune system. You can improve the oxygenation of the body by learning to breathe from the diaphragm (tummy). I also recommend laying down instead of sitting down.

2. Sit Less – Those who sit for more than 8 hours per day are more likely to have health problems and die younger than those who sit for less than 3 hours per day. When you are sitting your breathing is the least effective. If you are unable to stand, laying down is better than sitting.

3. Drink Plenty of Water (with Sodium Bicarbonate) – Water is the second most critical nutrient and most people would die after 7 days of drinking no water. Consume around 3 litres of pure water over the day (with a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda and Organic Liquid Trace Minerals added for extra benefits). Tip: Prepare the bottles in the morning and take them with you or leave them on the table to remind you.

4. Walk More – Walking is vital for two reasons; improving breathing and intake of oxygen and circulating blood around the body. The heart is not a pump and does not pump blood around the body it is a circulator and needs walking movement to work efficiently. To get the most benefits; walk at a good pace with longer strides whilst keeping your pelvis slightly forward and tucked in at the bottom of the spine. If you cannot walk, then lay on your back with your legs elevated and cycle your legs every few minutes.

5. Stop eating all grains, cereals, and other high-sugar foods and drinks – Research indicates that the consumption of wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to the mounting concern that grain/cereal (often contaminated with Roundup herbicide) is one of the worst types of foods to consume for gut health. The foods to avoid include; high-sugar foods and drinks, breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, and wheat-based pasta. See alternative recipes at my, and select Keto for the best health options.

6. Eat more greens, other colourful vegetables, and dark-skinned fruits – Organic options are best if possible. Many of the discount supermarkets offer organic foods at low prices.

7. Take Nutritional Supplements – Your body and cells need specific nutrition to function optimally. Most of the critical vitamins and minerals are no longer in foods in sufficient quantities. This is particularly important for if/when children are planned, and as we age. The Government Nutritionists will claim that eating a balanced diet contains all of the nutrients needed. This is simply not true. Most critical minerals are dangerously deficient.

Iver – Animal De-Wormer 🙂

After hours of research and feedback from many of my readers, I now 100% recommend a 10 or 20-day course of IVM Animal de-Wormer twice a year and especially for those at greater risk of respiratory illness. It clears the Spiked Protein (and any virus and parasites). It is available from G.H.N. in India and you can go to to order. It is very inexpensive at £25+ shipping for a box containing 10 x 10 day 12mg tablet Courses. It will last one person 2-3 years.


I have lots of amazing formulations but I am also aware of people’s pockets, especially in these crazy times. The magnesium and fundamental rules cost pennies per day to get healthy.

If I am correct with the above advice, you and your family need to protect yourself by getting as healthy as possible. If I am wrong, you and your family still need to get as healthy as possible. Nothing that comes from doctors via Big Pharma is designed to get you and your family healthy.

Immune Health Product Recommendations

Vitamin C
The range includes:1000mg of High-Quality Liposomal Vitamin C with 175mg of Quercetin, 1000mg Liposomal Vitamin C and Camu Camu Capsules. Suitable for all ages from infants to seniors. Protects healthy cells and has various health benefits that may support immune function, brain health, blood sugar, and heart health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Daily Immune Protection (D.I.P.)
A unique formulation of proven ingredients to support immune health. Contains EpiCor® and eXselen Selenium with Vitamin D3 to protect against infection. Provides Immudyne Beta-Glucans 1,3 and 1,6 to boost immune response and provide extra support for healthy cell growth. Suitable for vegetarians.

Olive Leaf + Zinc
A super antioxidant, olive leaf is considered to potentially offer immune protection against colds, flu, and other viral infections. Oleuropein, one of the primary compounds in olive leaf, is believed to exhibit potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, offering wide-reaching immune support. The addition of zinc, also critical for a strong immune system and often deficient in the diet, enhances the power of this product. Can be used all year round or for more occasional targeted support. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

An award-winning probiotic supplement that contains 8 Bio-Identical S.B.O. (soil-based organisms) of Probiotics Consortia. Essential for supporting the growth of all-natural, friendly microorganisms that help to renew and create a healthy rebalance between the good and bad gut bacteria. May support stronger digestion, immunity, and overall health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Nascent Iodine
Consumable iodine in its atomic form provides a safe energy release when consumed. May help to provide increased energy and immunity levels. Supports thyroid health and hormone production. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Hydrosol Silver
Hydrosol Silver Spray The active ingredient in the Hydrosol Silver Spray is a unique patented Silver Technology, using nano-particles for superior absorption, containing 10ppm hydrosol silver. Using a silver spray can act as the first line of defence against unwanted pathogens. Being anti-microbial, it is able to support immunity, by targeting invading bacteria, viruses, fungus, and so on. By boosting the immune system, you allow your body’s own natural defences to work much more efficiently. Suitable for all the family.

Vitamin D3-K2 Spray
Combines 1000IU of Vitamin D3 and 100mcg of Vitamin K2 MK7 in an easy-to-use sublingual spray for maximum absorption.
Helps to support a normal immune system response, support better calcium absorption and phosphorus absorption in the bones. It is also the world’s original Vegan and Vegetarian Vitamin D3.

NAC 600mg Capsules
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a supplement form of cysteine. NAC bonds with glutamine and glycine to form glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Glutathione performs many functions throughout the body, including helping to maintain your immune system. Take as a food supplement. For adults, 1 capsule daily, preferably at mealtimes is recommended. Available in a refill bag. 600mg.

Ancient Magnesium® Oil Ultra
Topical Magnesium with 100% Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Oil. All the benefits of the original oil plus OptiMSM, the world’s purest M.S.M. for enhanced absorption. Recommended for general relaxation, relief from sore muscles, various body aches, and meeting your daily requirements of this essential mineral for achieving optimal health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.