Health News (Week 17 – 2017)
By Robert Redfern

If someone asks me this question, the answer I would give is: “I am Robert Redfern, married to Anne Redfern, with 3 children, 5 grandchildren (with 2 more on the way). I work at Naturally Healthy News and Good Health Coaching. I write books and create health solutions that are designed to resolve various health problems.”

I guess you could say I consist of memories of relationships, achievements and plans. According to the latest statistics all of this could disappear. Yes the thing that makes me who I am could disappear; my wife, my family, my achievements would all disappear if I developed dementia/Alzheimer’s.

In effect I would cease to exist, not knowing who I am and not knowing who or what I know.

Worse still my wife would be left looking after a stranger that looks like who I was but is no longer me and is no longer returning the love that we shared.

Normally we are changing as life goes by with new experiences and as long as we embrace new experiences then life gets better. Old memories are not really lost but the new pleasant memories that come from embracing change push the old memories to the back of our mind.

The experts say that we are approaching an epidemic of dementia with catastrophic consequences for families and society. They say it is because we are all living longer so we are more likely to develop dementia. They also say the increase in all diseases is caused by living longer and therefore we are more likely to ‘wear out’.

Of course the experts are talking a load of rubbish as usual and there is not a speck of science or evidence. The real science is based upon comparing populations, races and what happens when they move country. The science shows that those that live in Okinawa and who follow the local lifestyle/diet live longer than anyone else on the planet and suffer the least disease and specifically dementia. They have more centenarians (100+) than any other country.

The ‘experts’ may say it’s all in the genes but when such people go to live in countries around the world where unhealthy lifestyles are normal they suffer the same rate of disease as the local population.

If the populations of most western countries lived the same lifestyle as the Okinawans it would halve the cost of healthcare and help pay off the national debts of these countries.

How do they stay so healthy?

  • They eat a relatively healthy diet.
  • They eat a low glycaemic (sugar and carbs) diet.
  • They have a culture of never eating until they are full.
  • They have a culture of keeping fit.
  • They have a culture of carrying on working or exercising all of their lives.
  • Their diet gives them a healthy level of Homocysteine (the real marker for disease your doctor refuses to test you for as it is caused by a simple B Vitamin deficiency).

So, Who Are You?

Do you want to be an honorary Okinawan and live a strong and healthy life avoiding dementia and all of the other diseases suffered by western countries? Remembering who you and your family are? What all of your achievements are? Embracing new experiences at any age?

This is the life I lead and will never stop. This is Who I Am.

Read my eBook on Alzheimer’s/Dementia and see what I do to avoid this fate and what you can do if you or a loved one suffers any early signs.

The good news – Dementia is Optional.