Health News (Week 16 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

9 Ways HealthPoint Can Change Your Life

I am always excited when explaining how HealthPoint works and sharing HealthPoint inspired tips for leading a healthier, effective and more powerful life. After spending a weekend doing just that at the London professionals trade show I want to share why everyone should have a HealthPoint with them at all times.

To remind you, Anne and I have travelled all over the UK, USA, Ireland, Europe and Canada over the past 25 years demonstrating and training in the uses of HealthPoint. We enjoyed these times immensely and are thrilled that we can support and train even more people over the internet. Here are some specific ways in which HealthPoint can change your life:

1. It gives you the Power.

HealthPoint gives you the power of the acupuncturist in your hands but without needles. Using its unique method of locating and stimulating the healing points known as acupressure or acupuncture points you will always get the point and the fast results. HealthPoint simply stimulates your body’s healthy system to function correctly via these points. HealthPoint compares to the best acupuncture treatment.

2. It gives you the Knowledge.

We created a training DVD, a QuickStart guide, and the best treatment manual we have ever seen called Mastering Acupuncture – without needles, which has over 160 different conditions that respond to acupuncture. These 160 effective treatments range from joints to asthma and even hayfever. You also get support from us, which you already know is second to none.

3. It will help you feel less stressed.

HealthPoint takes the edge off stress and anxiety. It can remove you from the perpetual state of sympathetic dominance, lower cortisol (the stress hormone) in which so many of us find ourselves and feel in more control.

You can treat the acupuncture points or use the ear clips that deliver microcurrents, alternatively called CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) or MET (microcurrent electrical therapy). This treatment is being used for stress, anxiety, relief from chronic pain (including fibromyalgia, TMJ pain, arthritic pain, RSD, post-operative pain, chronic pain or pain syndromes, headache pain and pain from injury), and even better the things that can result from these such as depression and insomnia.


CES/MET helps in dealing with the stress and anxiety effects of withdrawing from any addictive substance including carbs/sugar, nicotine, alcohol, prescription drugs and narcotic drugs.

Self Control

Agoraphobia (anxiety when outside) and OCD Obsessive Compulsion Disorders can benefit using CES/MET and should be a 1st line treatment. CES/MET is also being used by people playing computer games to keep them relaxed and to improve their scores. This is important as they learn to lower cortisol and yet stay in better self-control. This may be useful for all of us in these troubled times.

4. It will give you access to the best joints in town.

There is nothing to compare to HealthPoint for recovering and keeping your joints pain free and healthy. It is usually instant pain relief and with a course of self-treatment most problems will be recovered in a month or so – whether it is knees, feet, hips, back, neck, frozen shoulders, elbows, wrist and hands. All are shown in the DVD and detailed in the manual (and many more conditions).

5. It will give you more energy and mental clarity.

Although it’s common to find yourself after a HealthPoint treatment in a somewhat relaxed state— the after effect is usually increased energy. Many people report having more energy in the hours, days and even weeks after starting treatment. You may notice that you’re more in control, feeling more motivated, or just sensing a little extra spring in your step.

6. It will allow you to become your family health physician.

HealthPoint is completely safe (even if you do it wrong) and once you are practised at treating yourself you are set to treat your whole family now and in the future for any of the 160 conditions in the manual. You can even treat your dog and your horse as you become more confident. There are many people who have been using HealthPoint for over 20 years.

7. It will help you sleep.

Insomnia is one of the most common complaints seen by acupuncturists, and HealthPoint can be highly effective at resolving it. Even people who do not recognize they had sleep as a problem find HealthPoint can produce more restful nights. This often is the perfect answer when combined with my sleep formulations: RelaxWell, SleepWell and Magnesium OIL ULTRA.

8. It will give you something to talk about.

HealthPoint is a great topic of conversation! Next time you’re looking for a topic of conversation at a social gathering, mention that you recently had an ‘alternative’ to acupuncture. You’ll be an instant sensation. People love learning about acupuncture and will be fascinated with your HealthPoint. Does it hurt? How does it work? Are there any needles? People also have their own acupuncture experiences, so it’s a quick way to find common ground and make enjoyable conversation.

9. It will make you believe in yourself.

The driving idea behind HealthPoint is that we’re already in possession of everything we need to be well: diet change, proper breathing, exercise, missing nutrients, etc. HealthPoint does not add or subtract anything from this but simply kick-starts your body to do what it already knows how to do. It enables you to have the power to heal yourself. This does not mean that external interventions such as pharma drugs or surgery should always be shunned—in those rare cases they are needed for life saving measures. But it does mean that becoming healthier is within your control. When it comes to improving our physical and emotional health, most of us are capable of a lot more than we think. By using a therapy like HealthPoint, which kick-starts your healing capacity, you’re making a statement that you believe in yourself.

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