News (Week 11 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

HealthPoint – 21 Years & Still Going Strong….

Most people know me for Serrapeptase, Curcumin and eyesight nutrition but my most successful introduction was HealthPoint, the Electronic Acupressure machine, over twenty one years ago. Before then my wife Anne and I had tried various methods to make a living in natural health and most of them while effective, did not dramatically change people’s lives.

It took HealthPoint to show us that the correct natural health tool can be a powerful, safe and effective treatment for dozens of modern day health conditions. To be clear it wasn’t me who saw the potential – a couple of years earlier Anne had brought home an electronic device that she had acquired to treat her father’s arthritic knee. As an electronic engineer in a past life (the early years) I was rather negative about the chance of the device making much difference to his knees. That was the spark for Anne to prove me wrong.

A few days later he complained his knee pain was so bad that he could not go out to walk the dogs and so she used it on the points that were in the book. Within about 5 minutes he said the pain was gone and he then completed his walk, still pain free. Anne followed the instructions correctly (it’s a woman thing) and a month or so later his arthritis knee was clear and never gave him any problem whatsoever for the remaining 17 years of his life (he died at aged 83 from bad hospital care for a lung infection).

Anne treated him with the ‘early’ HealthPoint and made sure he had good nutrition for his Parkinson’s. This gave him a great life.

Pain specialist Dr Julian Kenyon

The device Anne used was based upon a very early design from a UK doctor, Julian Kenyon MD, a leading pain control specialist, and after two years of great results I was convinced enough to put my knowledge towards working on and improving the design. Dr. Kenyon supplied his new research into the best waveform and then HealthPoint was born, 21 years ago.

HealthPoint – Pain Relief at the touch of a button

HealthPoint is an Electronic Acupressure kit that gives you the power to precisely locate acupuncture points so you can enjoy the benefits of acupuncture but without the needles! It is easy to use and enables you to quickly become an expert at locating acupuncture points. When these are treated you experience

We initially sold it via demonstration all over the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. We did not keep count but it has been demonstrated on hundreds of thousands of people and we slowly developed and improved it along with the instruction system and the treatment manual – this now shows over 160 different conditions which will benefit from acupressure treatment.

HealthPoint is arguably the best Electronic Acupressure kit anywhere in the world. We sold more than 50,000 kits over the 10 years of travelling, simply because it worked, based on the medically proven principle of acupuncture! It produced instant results when we demonstrated it on customers who had problems with: Back Pain, Knee Pain, Asthma, Frozen Shoulders, Blood Pressure, Insomnia + many of the other 160 conditions in the manual! It was also picked up on by the press, such as the Daily Mail who ran this article back in 1997: ‘A home acupuncture machine to beat pain’

Why does it help so many conditions? Because it is doing so much more than simply relieving the pain/problem. It is balancing and stimulating the body’s own healing system to deal with the problem itself.

Can you use it? Yes, because HealthPoint locates the point and tells you with a ‘sensation’ only when you are on the point. It is completely safe and painless.

HealthPoint – the future of pain relief

After 21 years, at last, we now have a simple system to train help and support users of the HealthPoint. In a few weeks we are starting www.HealthPointLive.TV on the internet and will be able to answer all questions and demonstrate techniques.