Health News (Week 07 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

Just in case you have read some medical news over the last week the medical headlines include:

  • Dangers of Mammograms. i.e., they may not really work
  • Over Use of Prescription Drugs. i.e., they may not really work
  • Psychiatric Drugs do more harm than good. i.e., they may not really work
  • HPV vaccination benefits are in doubt, i.e. they may not really work

I don’t want to examine each of these headlines as they are already subject to a split in medical researchers and their opinions. All of these have been criticized for at least twenty years by alternative health researchers, but they are now in the news because of a split in the medical researchers.

My only take on all of this is it is better to avoid them entirely by living a really healthy lifestyle rather than trust doctors will save you. Regular readers will know the steps are clear and I will repeat them at the end of this news.

Interesting News on HPV


Researchers at Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) are celebrating a significant scientific achievement: a new treatment that they claim can completely cure the human papillomavirus (HPV), helping to curb a leading cause of deadly cancer among women.

Led by scientist Eva Ramon Gallegos, the team was able to eradicate HPV in 29 patients through a non-invasive technique known as photodynamic therapy.

Like many beautiful, low-cost treatments (cures) this will be ignored by doctors since they are ruled by the medical/pharma mafia and if they cannot make money from it, they will not be allowed to use this treatment. Readers will know the same applies to the millions dying from sepsis when a cheap Vitamin C i.v. may cure nearly 90% of sufferers.

Flu shots harmful? – I have written many times that Flu shots may do more harm than any good. The flu Vacs.s have been found to cause inflammatory reactions that may harm the heart, the developing foetus, and the fragile immune systems of older people as well as our infants. So, do the claimed tiny benefits really outweigh the known harm?

Iron Man (and Woman)

I am asked by readers why I don’t have iron in any of my formulations? The reason is there is plenty of iron in the food chain, and extra iron can be dangerous for some people. Some people have a problem whereby they accumulate iron in the body and don’t excrete it when proper levels are reached. Another problem is the symptoms for too much iron is the same as low iron which is tiredness. Their condition is called Hemochromatosis.

We all need iron and specifically to transport oxygen around the body. A few people especially females may need supplementation if their diet is lacking in vegetables. Those who suffer from this build-up are at risk of many problems including death if not dealt with.

The problem is that health issues are widespread and may not be linked to Hemochromatosis. The only reliable way is a test for iron levels (call ferratin), and if that is high, insist on the other blood tests and a gene test to be entirely sure. Many people live a long life with this condition, and the symptoms are the same as many other common problems, so it’s not high on doctors’ priorities.

What Can you do?

You may find it difficult to persuade your doctor to order the full tests, but it is not hard to get a ferritin (iron) test. If high, there are things you can do to ensure you stay healthy, and in any case, these are the only things your doctor can advise:

  1. Donate blood regularly. If your ferritin levels are high, even weekly, and then every two or 4 weeks. Donating blood is a very healthy thing to do in any case for keeping everyone healthier, but it also lowers iron for those with excess.
  2. Taking Curcumin regularly will help to excrete the iron as well as protecting your cells from being damaged by the excess iron and especially the liver. The good news is many other health problems may clear up once your iron levels in the body are showing a healthy level (also called normal).

In conclusion:

Healthy Iron levels are essential but high levels are dangerous so if you are not getting a full panel of blood test every two years (including a critical one called Homocysteine which when higher than 6 shows a B Vitamin deficiency). Ask your doctor for one or go to a private clinic if refused. There are even mail order blood tests, but I have not tried them.

Donate blood as quite often they will do a blood test and give you the results but in any case it is a healthy thing to do.

To keep healthy iron levels, eat a full spectrum of different vegetables in your diet.

Take curcumin every day if you have the condition is called Hemochromatosis.


Doctors can only diagnose and in very rare cases get you healthy. It is what you do every day that causes you to become sick and what causes you to become healthy including:

You will get results within 30 days if you:

  1. Follow a full daily exercise program including walking and body weight exercises.
  2. Sit down for less than 3 hours per day and stand or walk or even lay down if you need to rest.
  3. Take the critical vitamins and minerals that can and does help many of the diseases. These include Vitamin D3, selenium, magnesium and iodine.
  4. Drink at least 6 x 500ml of pure water with a large pinch of bicarbonate soda in each glass.
  5. Eat a healthy diet, high in green vegetables, dark-skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, and fats.
  6. Stop eating unhealthy foods such as grains, cereals, processed foods, sugary foods and drinks, processed junk meats, eggs and farmed fish that are all fed on GMO soy/cereals. Follow a Vegan Ketogenic Food plan until recovered.
  7. Detox regularly, as this is essential to clearing some of the toxins and chemicals that are permeating modern life.
  8. Include Rock Salt in your diet. Rock salt is created in ancient sea beds and has more minerals than current salt offerings. You need at least 3 teaspoons per day and more in hot sweaty weather.
  9. Build determination to stick with the plan and stop listening to the failed Pharma medical system.