Firstly, I am pleased to announce the Issue 34 Edition of my magazine is now available for download as well as £110 of discount Coupon from Good Health Naturally.
My ‘Robert’s Rant’ stretches to 3 pages which you can find on Page 78. Enjoy and leave your feedback at

Secondly, please let me apologize for any problems you may have experienced over many months while placing an order.

I planned new websites to help provide a better user experience, and since this is a not-for-profit company, I decided to project manage it all myself – to save money. It has been difficult and challenging to get to where we are today.

I upset many of you because of these problems while ordering and I sincerely apologize.

I was also upset as the trust that I have built up over all of the last 30 years was lost with some of you, on the back of frustration with the web sites.

Even our great telephone staff could not always solve these problems, and subsequently they have been upset when a long-standing happy customer is not satisfied, and so I apologize to them too.
The next two weeks should see the order problems finally resolved, with newly updated sites being installed and we can get back to our real purpose in life which is to help you to achieve good health.

On a Brighter Note, I trust you will enjoy reading my Magazine.


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