It is a genuine first but last week was the first time my
newsletter caused a run on a product and Daily Immune Protection (DIP) quickly
sold out in most countries. I should always check at Good Health Naturally
first to ensure sufficient stock

The good news from Good Health Naturally is that they will be
receiving a large delivery of DIP in around 2-3 weeks, enough for everyone who

I can’t answer whether there are any available right now in your
local store but if you want to check for your country, it is best to call the
helpline at the top right of the website here. (Note – UK is definitely out of
stock). Once again, sorry!

Lung Health…

We all need healthy lungs to have good health. Since oxygen is
the prime source of our health you would think that any health care system
would advocate research into keeping lungs healthy, but I could be wrong.

Less than 1% of all health care money is spent on researching
healthy lungs and instead 99% is spent on ‘disease management’ of the lungs.


Most lung health research was done on the impact of smoking
(cigarettes) and it took around 100 years to get an agreement that smoking was

Yes, that’s right, the first studies were done over 100 years
ago but money speaks louder than truth and the medical system is not to be
trusted with money or the truth.

If you smoke and cannot stop then change over to ‘eCigs’ (the
electronic cigarettes) today. Are they 100% safe? No, however they are
infinitely safer than tobacco and people tell me they are a good substitute.

Lung Health Books…

You can read the full story on Lung Health in my free e-book here

30% Imrovement In Breathing…

Salt PipeSalt Pipes have been known to help those with: ‘Asthma,
Bronchitis, Allergies, Hay Fever, Coughs and COPD’
for many years.

They contain rock salt that can be purchased from most grocery
stores and studies have shown that breathing through a device or pipe that
contains rock salt improves breathing for over 70% of the users.

Improving oxygen improves the health of the lungs and the whole
body. Warning – bottles of pure oxygen supplied by the medical system can be
dangerous as it is impossible to replicate the correct diaphragmatic breathing
pattern to exhale CO2. See my lung books for correct breathing and all of the
things you can do to achieve healthy lungs.


If you suffer from any of the above conditions and would like to
try a Salt Pipe I have asked Good Health Naturally to supply one for FREE, when
you order any of your normal lung health products (the Salt Pipe is only
relevant to anyone with a lung problem and not required otherwise). To claim your free Salt Pipe:

  1. If you order online then please ensure you add a request for a ‘free salt pipe’
    in the notes.
  2. If you order on the phone simply ask for one to be included with your order.

You can mention my newsletter as reference, though this is not



Please get back to me anytime you need help by clicking Here. All questions come to me directly
and will be answered in the strictest of confidence.

I am also keen to hear about your story and any
health recovery to help inspire others – if you have any news, please get in


PS. *FREE SALT PIPE is not a limited time offer and there
will be a run on this after this email, for the foreseeable future. You can
still get one for FREE with any lung health purchase as long as you follow step
(1) or (2) above.