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Every week I receive emails from readers who get upset when I talk about CV and the Great Reset. Some of them prefer not to hear about it and some point-blank do not believe it is a plan by Big Pharma and the Cabal to reset the world. I really can understand this as my wife who was a strong fan of natural health long before me asks me to stop listening to so many videos of scientists and researchers who are truth-telling as she can only take so much of it.

The fact is many do want to find out what is going on and quite correctly need to know as the world is becoming a different place. These people want to know what they have to do to plan a safer, freer future.

The way I can help is to separate my newsletters into topics so everyone can click on the topics they are interested in and read those. This way everyone has a real choice. I am not sure why I did not think of this before but better late than never.

I only have two topics this week as both of them are very important to everyone.

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The Story On D3 is Gaining Ground With More Fans.


In the letter, the experts call for ‘immediate widespread increased vitamin D intakes’ as they state research shows that deficiency in this vital vitamin ‘almost certainly’ promotes CV-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

The scientists refer to ‘many papers’ which have revealed ‘several biological mechanisms by which vitamin D influences CV-19’.

“Vitamin D is well known to be essential, but most people do not get enough,” the letter states, before recommending that adults supplement 4,000iu daily as standard. Those at ‘increased risk of deficiency due to excess weight, dark skin, or living in care homes may need higher intakes (e.g. 2x)’, the experts add.

“Many factors are known to predispose individuals to higher risk from exposure to CV-19, such as age, being male, comorbidities etc, but inadequate vitamin D is by far the most easily and quickly modifiable risk factor with abundant evidence to support a large effect. Vitamin D is inexpensive and has negligible risk compared to the considerable risk of CV-19.

It’s been nine months. The evidence was undeniable in March for anyone willing to look.

“Evidence to date suggests the possibility that the CV-19 pandemic sustains itself in large part through infection of those with low vitamin D, and that deaths are concentrated largely in those with deficiency. The mere possibility that this is so should compel urgent gathering of more vitamin D data. Even without more data, the preponderance of evidence indicates that increased vitamin D would help reduce infections, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, & deaths.”

UK signatories includes Dr Gareth Davies, Imperial College, London; Dr Ashley Grossman, University of Oxford; and Dr Steve Jones, University College London.

“It’s been nine months. The evidence was undeniable in March for anyone willing to look. Hundreds of publications have confirmed it. It’s cheap, low risk and proven effective. Why isn’t is being taken seriously?” Dr Davies comments on LinkedIn.

Did you know…?

Getting enough Vitamin D3 may uplift your mood which is essential during the darker winter months. Studies show that a Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with an increased risk for depression and that low levels are linked to poorly regulated mood and behaviour.

Vitamin D3 could therefore play an important role in regulating moods and improving mental health.

Learn more about the benefits of Vitamin D3 at naturallyhealthynews.info


Did I mention that everyone in your family needs at least vitamins D3 and C, and the critical minerals Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium daily? Now January is here, do your best to get and stay healthy and happy!

Take good care of yourself,

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