Health News (Week 01 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

A Happy New Year from all of us at Naturally Healthy News.

Are you making a plan? Well what else would I have as a topic for this newsletter? For most of us this is a New Year, a New Chance, maybe a New Life? All you need is a plan.

I am excited about this year. I will be celebrating my 73rd birthday in a few weeks’ time. Anne (my wife) is in Melbourne helping with our 8th grandchild and I still have health improvements to make sure that in the future we could celebrate the New Years’ Eve we missed by next New Years’ Eve dancing all night, as we have done for the past 49 years. My main excitement for 2019 is about the Health Coaching service we have to help others improve their health and continue the great success we have had recently with the Alzheimer’s study.

Don’t Make Resolutions

I trust making resolutions may have crossed your mind since it has been everywhere in the media for the past week. My experience is that being resolved to make changes is foiled by a lack of one thing: understanding willpower.

Many people claim they do not have enough willpower to stick to resolutions. I have written before on willpower and to be clear we all have natural willpower but that willpower may be being used to stop change. We are a creature of habit and once habits are formed our willpower comes into force to maintain the habit. To make a change to our habits we need to make a step-by-step plan to make gradual changes from our bad lifestyle habits and replace them with good ones. In effect, we are using our willpower only for little steps instead of trying to make giant leaps.

My old phrase: ‘You Can Only Make Giant Strides With Little Steps’ helps to make the point.

Helping with those little steps is why using our Health Coaching is so successful.

Whatever your goal, having a helping hand to catch you when you stumble is always better. You can review the steps to get healthy in my eBooks and you can see them all here.

Some Important News:

Prostate Cancer

Walking is better than medical treatments for early stage cancers say UK Cancer Researchers. Now you see why too much sitting and more walking is a part of every recovery plan – Click Here to see the full plan and download my eBook: Improving Mens Health in 30 Days.

All Cancers

New studies in the USA have made the scientific link between sugar intake and all cancers. Long-time readers of my newsletter will know that for over 20 years I have made the link for all disease and sugars, including grains, cereals, potatoes and high sugar drinks. Completely stopping all sugar will start the recovery within 30 days. For the full diet and plan for all cancers, please read: Cancer Cell Rehabilitation in 30 days.

Glaucoma Month

Is used by charities to beg for your money and for Pharma Drug companies to tout their drugs. Only rarely do you read that this is mostly a lifestyle condition (like Diabetes Type 2) and the cure is a sugar free, really healthy lifestyle. Download my eBook here: Improving Eye Disease in 30 Days.

Chronic Coughs

I feel like everyone I have spoken to this last month in the UK has a cough. I wonder if it is anything to do with the fact that this is the month of the highest intake of sugar? I have recommended using HydroSol Silver Spray and the Salt Pipe with amazing results. Some have stopped coughing within minutes, so you tell me. Maybe now is the time to stop sugar. If your cough has become chronic then download my eBook: Chronic Cough Rehabilitation in 30 Days.

Last But Not Least Is Fertility And Healthy Pregnancy

The growing epidemic of infertility and worse still, birth defects, has been linked to high sugar consumption and a lack of essential minerals for many years. An example is that mothers who consume higher levels of high sugar foods while pregnant have double the risk of birth defects compared to those eating a lower sugar food diet. Another example is that mothers that consume a low sugar diet (even before becoming pregnant) dramatically lower the risk of their children needing glasses. The evidence is very strong. If we want healthy children we need healthy parents. Download my eBook: Improving Fertility in 30 days.


Those who do not plan, may be planning to fail. With my eBooks you have no excuse as the plan is all laid out for you.