At the start of the 21st century, WiFi radiation is everywhere. It’s impossible to avoid its effects as computers, tablets, laptops and even smartphones are being used on a daily basis.

A recent study shows that when pregnant women are exposed to non-ionizing radiation from magnetic fields, their risk of miscarriage increases by a staggering 48 percent. This includes those emitted from power lines, transformers, wireless devices and wireless networks. The study was conducted by researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Kaiser Permanente researchers monitored the exposure of 913 pregnant participants to non-ionizing radiation. They also measured the outcomes of the pregnancies when compared to the 10-15% rate of miscarriages that normally effects pregnant women.

Researchers did this by asking pregnant women over the age of 18 to wear a small magnetic field monitoring device. The device was slightly larger than a deck of cards and it was worn for 24 hours. Participants kept a diary of their activities on that day. They were also interviewed in person to better control for any possible confounding factors. This included any typical daily activities on the monitoring day.

Researchers looked at multiple variables that are known to influence miscarriage including nausea/vomiting, past history of miscarriage, alcohol use, caffeine intake and maternal fever and infections.

Miscarriage happened in 10.4 percent of women with the lowest measured exposure level (1st quartile) of magnetic field non-ionizing radiation. While 24.2 percent of women with higher measured exposure level (2nd, 3rd and 4th quartiles), had nearly three times the higher relative risk.

The lead investigator of the study and a reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist, Dr. De-Kun Li, M.D., Ph.D., concluded that the “research proves that this type of radiation could pose serious threats to human health.”

How Pregnant Women Can Reduce Their Risk of Miscarriage

Bearing the above research in mind, many women will want to take protective measures into account for their baby’s safety. One suggestion is to keep cellular devices as far away from your belly as possible. Avoid carrying them close to your body is also recommended.

Using a hands-free handset is another suggestion and keeping it in airplane mode when not using, can minimize any radiation. Reducing the amount of time you spend talking on the cell phone is recommended. If possible, use your landline telephone instead. Turning off all your devices and routers especially at night is beneficial, as this is when your body repairs DNA damage.

The Quantum Solution For Staying Safe Against WiFi Radiation

Avoiding wireless technology and WiFi radiation is virtually impossible. While the above measures can minimize any risk – they do not necessarily provide an effective safeguard.

One of the most practical ways to protect against WiFi radiation is to use Quantogram products. Using the power of Quantum technology, there are various solutions available to harmonize the WiFi radiation signals. This doesn’t block them, but it does make them safer to be around.

All cell phones emit an EMF, WiFi and Bluetooth radiation that on some level, are harmful to human cells. Expecting mothers can protect themselves and their unborn babies with Quantogram HoloGuard.

By simply adding a protective self-adhesive backing onto your cell phone, you can create a harmonised frequency on your device. 

The Quantogram Hologuard Phone Radiation Harmonizer device uses quantum technology, enabling WiFi, EMF and Bluetooth radiation to resonate at a healthy frequency, rather than block the signals.

You also protect your whole family with QuantoGram SafeHouse.  This WiFi Harmoniser provides protection throughout your entire house from various electrical smogs caused by Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).

Neutralizing any harmful or positively charged field around a portable wireless (WiFi) device, is one of the best ways to protect and keep your unborn baby safe from harmful radiation.

Recommended Examples

quantogramQuantogram HoloGuardProtect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of EMF radiation while traveling, with the self-adhesive Quantum Hologuard. Simple to use, just apply to the back of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cordless phones, hands-free phones, wifi routers, Bluetooth devices, cell phone towers, and hotspots.


The Quantogram Harmonizer is flexible and universal in its use. Safe to use on all devices. This includes compound curves, i.e. a DECT phone and Wifi Routers. Available from Good Health Naturally.

Quantogram SafeHouse – Provides you and your family protection for your whole house and office from various electrical smogs caused by Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). All electrical equipment, wiring lighting (especially fluorescent and LED lights), External WIFI signals, Bluetooth, Wifi routers, TVs, computers, and especially stronger digital signals from many sources are responsible for dangerously increasing EMF levels.


One device per house, as once plugged in, SafeHouse uses the current wiring circuit to provide protection for the entire house. Available from Good Health Naturally.