There are three types of enzymes that our bodies need to function and we need to live and it is important to understand them, according to Nutritionalist and Author Robert Redfern.

Food/digestive enzymes, metabolic enzymes and clean-up enzymes, writes Redfern in his book The Miracle Enzyme.

  1. The food/digestive enzymes work to take the basic building blocks delivered by food we eat and convert it to into healthy living tissue.
  2. Metabolic enzymes help keep all of our organs and tissues functioning with hundreds of diverse chemicals activities.
  3. Cleanup enzymes eliminate the waste created by the cells in the body and clear out the undigested carbohydrates, proteins and any non-vital tissue floating around, according to Redfern.

“Enzymes are the workers in your body, they carry out every chemical reaction. To have a healthy body you need both workers and building materials,” Redfern writes. “The building materials are proteins, minerals and vitamins. All of these are necessary to build a healthy body. Trying to function without all the necessary enzymes is the reason for most body malfunctions.”

Read more about enzymes, please read Redfern’s book, The Miracle Enzyme.