This is the first in a series of articles about carbohydrates in your diet and the effects on your body and longevity. Nutritionist and Author Robert Redfern has made the case over the last 15 years to stop the proliferation of starchy carbohydrates in food when he found that those carbohydrates were implicated in the premature deaths of both of his parents. He found studies as far back as 75 years indicating that the majority of diseases and premature deaths were caused by eating starchy carbs. From short-sightedness to cancer to lung disease to IBS, he found that the food industry and the medical system completely ignored these studies.

It would appear mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical companies are simply spending billions looking for the magic pill to manage our illness, but avoids causing good health.
True, they have developed all sorts of medicine to manage the diseases of aging and made billions of dollars in the process, but have only slightly prolonged life  – no Fountain of Youth. We may be living a little longer, but we are sicker, heavier and unhealthier than previous generations. Statistics show a 60-year-old, non-manual worker will only live a little over 12 extra years compared to the same person a 100 years ago. Not much of a gain when you consider the billions of dollars spent every year on supposed health care.

Robert Redfern has appeared on many TV shows, radio shows and detailed in his books that there is an answer in every grocery store in any country and in every backyard garden and now at last science is proving that it truly will cause a longer, healthier, more energetic life. And the answer doesn’t come in a pill. Simply cut out your carbohydrates and processed foods today and you will be well on your way to good health naturally.
The Daily Mail in the UK recently reported about the work of University of California, San Francisco Professor Cynthia Kenyon, who discovered that a no-carb diet has a remarkable positive effect on longevity and overall health and energy. Her research showed that hormones, such as insulin, trigger aging, but when not triggered, result in a longer, less ill life cycle, known as “The Grim Reaper/Sweet Sixteen” effect.

In her studies of genes and hormones of worms, flies and mice, Dr. Kenyon found that their lifespan more than doubled and with the energy of a youngster by preventing the over production of insulin that comes with too much sugar consumption. This incredible study showed the very mechanism in our bodies that prevents age-related illness.
Simply put, eat lots of carbs and you can expect your high insulin levels to lead to increases in cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and heart disease. Not to mention, decreased energy.

And doesn’t it make sense? Who hasn’t felt sluggish after eating a high starchy, carbohydrate meal?
Add exercise into the mix, her study showed, and the lifespan lengthens even more. Exercise also reduces the free radicals that lead to aging.
Redfern and his wife, Anne, through their ReallyHealthyFoods web site are helping people live naturally and achieve good health with diet and the proper supplements. Learn how to stock your kitchen cabinets for better health and for a longer life and live with few carbohydrates.