The medical establishment has prescribed chemicals to fight depression, bi-polar disorder, mood swings, migraines and an array of mental health issues, which often lead to debilitating  and even deadly side effects.

There are natural supplements that will greatly improve the symptoms of these diseases without damaging your body. Serenity and RelaxWell are two supplements formulated by Nutritionalist Robert Redfern that will bring peace to your lives.

Serenity is the natural, mineral form of Lithium combined with Orotate and is an over-the-counter supplement that will calm your symptoms with a much smaller dose than the chemical, prescription version and it won’t produce side effects. Serenity is a mood stabilizer and safe alternative to anti-depressants. It doesn’t lower the energy levels and has no harmful side effects, despite the scares tactics that have been found on the web.

“I take Serenity and Relaxwell. Why? Because I am so passionate about helping people that I find it is very difficult to switch that off,” Redfern said. “I also get annoyed at people saying the wrong thing about supplements online.”

The natural, organic form of Lithium is so much safer than its chemical counterpart because the amounts needed to create change is so much smaller. Because of the natural delivery system of the combination of the formula, a little goes a long way. In many cases, people get relief within a week.

Serenity will bring relief for mood swings, migraines, depression, side effects from prescription anti-depressants, alcoholism, bi-polar disorder, menopause and PMS, and anorexia.

Redfern’s formation is sold by Good Health Naturally and is shipped around the world.