Everyone needs a healthy intake of Iodine, even those who are under medically treatment for hypothyroidism and other thyroid conditions, according to Nutritionalist and Author Robert Redfern.

“Every body needs Iodine for many reasons. Not just to help the thyroid function,” Robert said. “Even if you had your thyroid removed, you would still need Iodine.”

Most people in the world, with rare exception, are Iodine deficient. Diets rich in seaweed, such as the Japanese diet, have 100 times more Iodine than western diets and are great for the human body as a result. But, the rest of us need to supplement our diets with added Iodine, Redfern said.  One reason is that the thyroid controls the metabolism and has an effect on just about every system in the body. There are many thyroid conditions that affect these systems and Iodine is an important element to help regulate this chemistry.

Iodine is also now found to be necessary in the detoxification process within the body and is used by every cell.

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