Cell phones and WiFi are everywhere and because everyone seems to own a wireless device, it’s easy to believe that they have been tested and therefore must be safe to use. Yet it’s always wise to err on the side of caution…

This week a new study was released, concluding that “Chatting away on a cellphone while pregnant doesn’t appear to have a negative effect on the brain development of the growing fetus.

The concern for harm to the fetus caused by radio frequency electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by mobile phones, is mainly driven by reports from experimental animal studies with inconsistent results,” said study lead author Eleni Papadopoulou, with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Elena then went on to claim, “Even though this is an observational study, our findings do not support the hypothesis of adverse effects on child’s language, communication and motor skills due to the use of mobile phone during pregnancy.

The research carried out in Norway, examined data from over 45,000 women and babies during pregnancy and the years after.


Studies Into The Fertility Health Risks of EMF

I disagree with this study as it does not say who financed it or what the motivation behind the research is. We do know that sperm count among young men who have mobile phones in their pockets is dropping  and fertility rates are being affected by this.

One recent study conducted on human females also showed the link between the use of mobile phones during pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion. The researchers focused on EMF radiation and found that “Our results suggest that use of mobile phones can be related to the early spontaneous abortions.”

Another study from 2011 found that cellphone radiation exposure during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity.

Dr. Hugh Taylor, chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University School of Medicine, has confirmed, “We have demonstrated clear cause and effect relationships in mice, and we already have studies showing that women who use cell phones have children with more behavioral problems. I think together that’s very powerful evidence…. There’s essentially no downside to being cautious and protecting your baby.”

Meanwhile, one study published in March 2016 showed that EMF exposure to offspring in a rat’s womb produced a lower egg count in the offspring.

Follicle count results revealed a statistically significant decrease in primordial and tertiary follicle numbers in the exposed group.

While in the beginning stages of puberty, the rat’s ovaries of the exposed offspring were acting like a pre-menopausal woman’s ovaries in egg count and quality of egg health.

Protect Your Loved Ones From Harm

One study suddenly claiming that cell phone use during pregnancy is safe should be viewed with suspicion. Especially when there are so many studies highlighting the risks and health dangers of cell phone EMF radiation on unborn babies.

Any expectant mother would be rightly concerned with the many studies highlighting the harm these devices can  cause on developing cells. Protecting your unborn child from EMF radiation is therefore essential and playing it safe is advisable.

Avoiding excessive use of cell phones or mobile phones while pregnant is a good start, but as a precautionary measure consider adding Quantum Energy into your life.

All cell phones emit an EMF radiation that on some level, are harmful to human cells. Expecting mothers can also protect themselves and their unborn babies with my Quantogram technology.

By simply adding a protective self-adhesive backing onto your cell phone or other portable wireless device, you can create a harmonised frequency. 

The Quantogram Hologuard Phone Radiation Harmonizer device uses quantum energy technology to resonate a healthy frequency rather than block the signals.

Now you can also protect your whole family with QuantoGram SafeHouse.  This WiFi Harmoniser provides protection throughout your entire house from various electrical smogs caused by Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).

Neutralising any harmful or positively charged field around a portable wireless (WiFi) device, means you can protect your own health and keep your unborn baby safe from harmful radiation.

Take good care of yourself – and your loved ones.


Robert Redfern

Author & Nutritionalist


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