Childhood asthma is steadily increasing and since the 1950s, the rise in the use of cars and lorries emitting nitrogen dioxide has played a major role in irritating the respiratory system and worsening existing lung health conditions.

The figures nearly double with air pollution in general. Chemicals and smoke from industrial plants are also factored into this equation.

Air pollution is very acute in the town of Bradford, England. Researchers from the University of Leeds analysed the town’s air quality by using new models to assess the impact of nitrogen oxides.

The study estimates that around 38% of all asthma cases in the town can be attributed to air pollution. While 24% are directly caused by car and lorry exhaust fumes.

Asthma cases in the town are above the UK average, yet a similar pattern is probably possible to see anywhere. Lead Researcher Dr Haneen Khreis says it’s the first time the impact of vehicle pollution on children’s asthma has been calculated. It also demonstrates that a vast number of cases can be prevented.

Potential ways to reduce asthma cases include the use of cleaner fuels on a national and global basis. The introduction of special walkways and traffic-free zones could also help with this process.

A More Convenient Solution

There is an easier and more convenient solution to reduce vehicle pollution and its devastating effects on health.

Pure Combustion Device uses Quantogram technology to cut the harmful emissions from cars, vehicles, buses and trucks.

By reducing fuel consumption, toxic emissions and engine vibration the PCD can increase your vehicle’s performance.

The PCD also cuts the amount of fuel you use from 10% up to 40%, depending upon the age of the engine and the fuel. However, a 15% reduction is guaranteed.


How Does The Pure Combustion Device Work?

Quantogram’s Pure Combustion Device is placed on or near the fuel tank, creating a frequency field to pre-treat the fuel. During the pre-treatment of the fuel, any trace toxin molecules are neutralised.

As the pre-treated fuel reaches the engine cylinders along with the air, the combustion process is more complete. The result is reduced emissions.

Once the toxins are rendered inert by the fuel treatment, they are also burn –  therefore reducing any emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Emissions produced by treated fuels are reduced to practically zero and this includes: Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). All of these are commonly known toxins and have for decades, been proven to cause serious threats to our health and the environment.

PCD For Easy Breathing In The Future

Quantogram’s PCD card could be a simple and convenient solution that makes it easier for your child to breathe in the outdoor environment. This is especially important for children in built-up areas, where there are many cars emitting toxic fumes.

By adding the PCD to your vehicle, it’s possible to reduce emissions, save fuel and neutralise any harmful toxins before they get a chance to go into the environment.

The future health of your children – all of our children – and their lungs, relies on them breathing easy.  This begins by creating a safe external environment for them to intake fresh, clean air whenever they travel to school or play outside.


Recommended Examples

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