I recently came across an article featured in a trade magazine by the pioneer of the Green & Black’s brand, Craig Sams, talking about the development of their new non-organic range.

They are leaving their Fairtrade scheme for its owner’s Cocoa Life initiative and this development has divided opinions within the natural and organic community.

Green and Black’s are known for their ethical stance on producing organic chocolate but I would like to propose that just because a product is ‘organic’ doesn’t make it healthy.

Here is my case:

I don’t buy Green & Blacks chocolate, because:

1. It’s high in sugars (2 teaspoons per serving) a critical factor in health and worse calling the sugar organic does not make it healthy.

2. Its not ‘fair trade’ or ethical to the consumers of its products with contents of this amount of sugar.

3. It works with Cadbury’s, owned and formed with a group of companies (including Kraft) into Mondelez – one of the largest purveyors of sugar and other junk foods in the world. The $400million Mondelez invested in Fair Trade or (PR Marketing), was possibly earned at the expense of the health of millions of kids worldwide. 

It may be looking after the health of its suppliers but is it looking after the health of its customers? Is it replacing sugar with healthy alternatives such as Yacon Root?

4. Whole Foods also has a lot to answer for, not least its ‘deceptive’ name.

5. Remember, Organic Is Not Always Healthy and neither is any large corporation for that matter. ALWAYS read the label. ALWAYS avoid large Corporations.

Take good care of yourself.
Robert Redfern
Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster
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