A new study suggests a major link between taking NSAID painkillers such as Ibuprofen and an increased risk of heart attacks.

Published in the BMJ, the paper builds on a previous body of work linking drugs with heart problems.

While scientists say the results are not clear cut and believe other factors have to be taken into consideration – not just the pills, the findings are alarming.

International scientists analysed data from 446,723 people to try and understand where heart problems may arise. Their focus was on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Celecoxib and Naproxen given by doctors rather than the painkillers bought over the counter.

By studying the data found from Canada, Finland and the UK the international researchers suggested that NSAIDs for treating inflammation could potentially raise the risk of heart attacks – by 75% for Ibuprofen and 100% for Rofecoxib. This occurred even in the first week of use but especially when taken at high doses.

The Risk To Your Health

Scientists may be skeptical of the findings, believing that other factors could be at play before making a certain link. Yet the fact that any link is there at all, suggests it could be unsafe for health.

Perhaps most shocking is that doctors are already aware of the problems that NSAIDs can have from previous studies and how they increase the risk of heart problems and strokes. Current UK guidelines also state that NSAIDs need to be used carefully in people with heart problems and in cases such as severe heart failure, it shouldn’t be used at all.

Long-term use of prescribed painkillers is recognised by doctors as potentially leading to serious side effects for some patients. Even as some are suggesting that it remains possible that the painkillers aren’t the cause of the extra heart attacks. Other doctors recognise the importance of prescribing after reviewing an individual’s personal circumstances and medical history.

Some in the medical profession have even stated that the risks remain ‘relatively small’ and have minimal implications, even for those who may not be at risk of heart attack.

Yet the fact there is any risk, no matter how small, means that NSAIDs are potentially unsafe, especially when compared to more natural methods of pain relief that don’t carry the same risky side effects.

Stay Safe with Serrapeptase

One natural solution that doesn’t have unwanted side effects is Serrapeptase. This proteolytic enzyme is derived from the silkworm (but now manufactured in a laboratory) and naturally dissolves and digests inflammation in the body. Once the inflammatory tissue is removed, the body can naturally begin to heal itself.

Inflammation and its various symptoms is one of the major causes of pain in the body, acting as a warning sign that means we need to pay attention to our health. When the inflammation is relieved, so is the pain.

Painful symptoms can manifest in different ways, all of them serving to show us what we need to focus on to improve our health and wellbeing. Don’t cover up the signs – get to the root cause of the problem.

Don’t risk your health. Serrapeptase can provide natural relief for a wide variety of health conditions and has no known contraindications with prescription drugs. Suitable for all ages, it does the same job in every living organism – removes the inflammation so the body can heal itself, resulting in natural pain relief – no prescription needed.


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