Stress and anxiety is a major part of modern life and the more demanding it is becoming, the more valuable it is that we find the time to relax and stay calm and peaceful. Being still with your thoughts might be difficult, but it is often the most important activity we should consider practicing whenever we’re feeling stressed.



Studies into mindfulness have shown that levels of reported anxiety and stress can be significantly reduced from this activity and that when this occurs, it can leave you feeling calmer and happier. Yet this also has a biological effect on the body. Scientists in the US are now showing however that following an 8 week mindfulness course with daily classes can help with lowering stress hormones and inflammatory molecules by 15%. This kind of therapy has been shown to work more effectively than a non-meditation stress management course.

Researchers have also highlighted the benefits of mindfulness and how while this is relatively inexpensive it can also be a low-stigma form of treatment that strengthens and improves resilience to stress. The study which was published in the Psychiatric Research journal involved 89 patients with anxiety disorder, a condition that if it’s chronic has been shown to affect around 3 million people in Britain alone.

The participants were divided into two groups and it was found that those taking the 8 week mindfulness course involving meditation were more resilient when they were under stress tests, especially when compared to the control group undertaking the stress management course.

The research team found that the meditation group patients experienced significantly greater reductions when compared with those who followed the course.Why choose meditation?

This is a free practice anyone can be involved in and as meditation can be done anytime and anywhere, it’s a highly effective way to reduce stress levels and lower inflammation in the body. When practiced daily, meditation has been shown to bring great results, more calm and less stress – regardless of your life situation. Most important of all, it’s possible to do just a few minutes of meditation and to experience good results. Meditation can also reduce the stress response within the body that may otherwise contribute towards inflammation that plays a major contribution towards disease development.

Reducing Inflammation

When meditation is placed as a core wellness activity and an important part of a naturally healthy lifestyle, it’s possible to find stress and inflammation relief in the body. Serrapeptase in particular has been highly beneficial at reducing inflammation as this is a proteolytic enzyme involved in dissolving and digesting dead tissue that may otherwise contribute towards the development of disease. By taking Serrapeptase daily, people notice a significant improvement in painful symptoms that can otherwise show up in outward signs and then develop into physical health problems.

Relieving stress and finding relaxation can also be achieved by taking the right nutrients such as Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin B6 that can help to prevent fatigue, while supporting hormone levels in the body that might otherwise become imbalanced and potentially lead to emotional disorders. For all of these reasons, meditation – even a few minutes, can make a difference to your health and wellbeing.


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