There is a plant that grows on the high Junin Plateau in the South American nation of Peru that has been valued for more than 2,000 years for its effect on the human hormonal system. Some call it nature’s Viagra because of its effect on sexual health and performance. But the maca root is responsible for much more…

According to, the maca plant provides relief for women suffering through menopausal symptoms and menstrual problems.
“Maca root is great at reducing the intensity and frequency of the symptoms of menopause,” according to
Good Health Naturally is offering the highest quality maca root extract in MacaPro® XP Platinum because of its remarkable ability to stimulate and balance the endocrine system.

The maca root is not a drug or vitamin, but a food source high in amino acid, polypeptides and fatty acids and it is a powerhouse of vitamins. In fact, many consider it a “super food” because of its incredible nutritional value.

It balances the endocrine system and causes improved long-term energy levels, restores testosterone levels, increases sexual health and performance, enhances fertility, promotes clarity, enhances memory, relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue and stimulates the immune system.
MacaPro® XP Platinum, which is a high strength liquid extract of the maca root, should be taken one teaspoon a day, according to Nutritionalist Robert Redfern. It contains Maca Extract, water and alcohol.