London mayor Sadiq Khan has acknowledged that the capital’s residents are being exposed to ‘dangerous’ levels of toxic air particles.

London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory revealed the research exceeds the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for dangerous toxic particles known as PM2.5.

Small toxic air particles known as PM2.5 are widely acknowledged to have a major impact on health when it comes to both short-term and long-term exposure and increasing the chances of developing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


Toxic Air Plays An Essential Role In Your Lung Health

The research was released earlier this week as Mr Khan signed the capital of England up to the Breathe Life coalition. This is a global initiative that’s improving air quality in cities. Their research revealed that 95% of the capital’s population live in areas that exceed WHO guidelines by up to 50% or more.

Half of the PM2.5 in London is from external sources but the main sources of emissions in the capital are from tyre and break wear, construction and wood burning. PM2.5 causes up to 29,000 premature deaths within the UK every year.

Mr Khan says he is doing everything he can to reduce toxic emissions and is calling on the government to devolve more powers so this issue can be tackled more effectively.

Londoners’ are risking their lung health and shortening their life expectancy by being exposed to these tiny particles of toxic dust.

Mr Khan states that he is doing everything he can to introduce the T-charge and to decrease the number of dirty vehicles polluting our roads and lungs, along with implementing an Ultra Low Emission Zone with even tighter standards.


How To Cut Your Fuel Emissions and Avoid Adding To ‘Toxic Air’

While the new research is being considered, you may want to take your lung health and control over vehicle’s fuel emissions into your own hands.

Consider adding the QuantoGram Pure Combustion Device (PCD) to lower your own vehicle’s fuel emissions and give a higher performance.

QuantoGram is a device that is applied to cars, buses and trucks. It cuts the amount of fuel you use from 10% up to 40% depending upon the age of the engine and fuel and may cut harmful emissions. However, 15% Fuel Reduction is guaranteed.

The emissions produced by treated fuels may also be reduced and included: Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

These commonly known toxins have, for decades, been proven to cause serious threats to our health and environment and any reduction no matter how small is to be welcomed.

This is a card that needs to be placed as close as possible to the fuel tank, so either under the rear seat or the boot, or it can be taped to the side of the fuel tank.  It can be easily removed to use on different vehicles.


How To Take Good Care Of Your Lung Health

Those living in cities or areas of high pollution will do well to increase their oxygen absorption into their cells. One way to get more oxygen into the body is by taking a powerful liquid oxygen enzyme.

Known as OxySorb, this sublingual formula is taken under the tongue and is designed to support optimum oxygen absorption. It can also provide good support for respiratory and immune health.

If you have an existing lung health problem caused by lack of oxygen or pollution then the Serrapeptase enzyme can help. By clearing inflammation and dead scar tissue within the lungs. Many people experience relief from their chronic lung problems so they can breathe easy again.


Recommended Examples

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