Last Thursday, a large scale health care fraud of $1.3 billion was announced in the Department of Justice.

The USA Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. 412 people across the 41 federal districts were involved; the largest takedown of its kind in history.

Doctors, nurses and many others in the medical field were the targeted focus on schemes such as Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare that services veterans.

Jeff Sessions stated that too many medical professionals have chosen to violate their oaths in the pursuit of profit over patients. Some have also made their practices into multimillion enterprises, while being seemingly oblivious to any disastrous consequences.

Their actions only enrich themselves and this can be at the expense of taxpayers, along with feeding addictions and causing them to start in the first place. The consequences of this can be felt in the emergency rooms, jail cells, lost futures and graveyards.

120 doctors were also included for fraudulently prescribing opioids and receiving kickbacks in the process. Meanwhile, Tom Price stated how these crimes are bad for the country as healthcare fraud isn’t just a criminal act, it is detrimental to all Americans who rely on national health care programs to have access to critical health care services and a violation of trust.

The United States in particular is home to the world’s best medical professionals but it is their ability to provide affordable and high quality care to patients that is jeopardised whenever a criminal commits health care fraud.

This is an “historic day” but the DoJ continues to find fraud and to pluck it out through the Medicare Fraud Strike Force. This was created in 2007 and has charged over 3500 defendents and collectively held the responsible for over $12.5 billion in fraud, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

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