We hear again and again that our population is living long past those from previous generations. But, are we aging better?
Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, arthritis are just a few of the illnesses common to people of advancing years that greatly effects our quality of life. We may be getting older, but is it worth it?

With changes in our diet that include added supplements, such as fish oil and Serrapeptase, aging well is without our control and the mainstream medical community is joining in the chorus of voices calling for changes in the way we face aging.
The latest find involves the molecule CR 120 that messes with our genes and causes poor health when “mixed” with fat cells. Our modern diet high in fat and our sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for illness and threatens longevity. Adding high doses of fish oil or Omega 3 to our daily diet can help reverse the damage done to our immune system by CR 120.

But, why rely on reversing the damage when you can simply avoid the problem in the first place. Exercise and a healthy diet that does not cause obesity is our best choice to avoid the effects of the CR 120 process.
Diets that include 8 to 12 portions of vegetables is the best place to start. Follow the advice of Nutritionalist and author Robert Redfern to guide you to achieving good health naturally.

“My health and that of my family has always been the most important priority in my life, and I am sure that you feel the same,” Redfern said.
Redfern changed his life completely when he realized that his lifestyle and the foods he was eating were destroying his life. He began a journey of good health naturally that is leading to longevity. Now, he shares his experiences with thousands of people and is saving lives.