Cell phones have taken over and yet, we still don’t understand the risks involved and how it may be impacting our health. We also don’t know if cell phones  are completely safe to use as they haven’t been used long enough to say that they cause specific diseases.

There are all kinds of health risks associated with continued cell phone use. One of the main health risks is Brain Cancer.

Cell phones have been found to emit non-ionizing radiation, radio waves that are known as a type of electromagnetic radiation. What is understood however, is how human tissue closest to the cell phone absorbs some of this energy.

While studies linking cell phone use to cancer are mixed, The American Cancer Society’s Chief Medical Officer did give credence to a particular research project. The results of a $25 million study investigating cell phone use and cancer risk, released by the U.S. National Toxicology Program discovered the following:

There was a slightly inreased risk of malignant gliomas in the brain from being exposed to very high cell phone radiation.

The study also found that rare tumors known as schwannomas developed on the nerve sheath of the heart and this increased with cell phone use. When the dose of radiation increased, so did the risk of cancer.

Cell phone radiation has also been listed as “possibly carcinogenic” to humans by the World Health Organisation. The medical literature also suggests that beginning to use a cell phone during your teenage years can result in a four-to-five times higher risk of brain cancer diagnosis.

May Cause Thyroid Problems

Researchers have found that students who moderately or heavily use cell phones in talk mode, had a significant alteration in their thyroid stimulating hormone levels. While this doesn’t sound like much, even tiny changes to thyroid hormone levels can alter the brain function.

The authors of the study said, “Based on these results, it may be concluded that electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones may cause some detrimental effects on thyroid function.

Using your cell phone may also trigger negative effects on the hypothalamic-pituitary thyroid axis, throwing off normal thyroid levels. One 2016 study published in International Radiation Biology however, found there was no link between cell phone electromagnetic radiation and thyroid cancer.

Sperm Damage And Infertility Problems

Being exposed to cell phone radiation affects male sperm, meaning they die three times faster than those who aren’t. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that men avoid keeping their cell phone in the pocket or clipped to a belt.

It’s also been discovered that sperm experience three times the level of mitochondrial DNA damage and this isn’t good for male health or fertility.

Simple Ways To Protect Yourself From Your Cell Phone

Protecting yourself from cell phone radiation doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some sensible tips to help with reducing exposure…

  • Choose to text instead of talk and use speaker mode or a hands-free kit when making calls
  • When talking on your phone, hold it an inch or so away from your head
  • Only make short essential calls from your cell phone
  • Don’t text or talk on the phone while driving
  • Avoid carrying your phone against your body, such as in a pocket or bra
  • Use a phone harmoniser device to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF/EMR radiation


You don’t have to be cautious – just use your common sense. Ideally, taking some time out each day away from your cell phone is also a good idea, to reduce your exposure. Yet if that’s not always possible, then using a phone harmoniser (see recommended examples) is a good idea because it can harmonise the frequency of EMF/EMR radiation you are being exposed to.


Recommended Examples


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